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In this episode of Our Kind Of People things really fire up. Angela is still in distress over Piggy’s decision to turn herself in. After explaining why Piggy is in jail, Teddy agrees but only for something in return–that Angela leave Oak Bluffs.

After Teddy’s blunt request, Angela tells Nate. He feels like it may not be a bad idea to leave the Bluffs behind. At breakfast, Raymond gloats about ownership over Jack’s shares. Teddy happily reminds him that he still owns the whole company. 

After dining, Raymond questions Leah about her absence and if she is still thinking about what she did to Angela. Leah feels wrong but is positive her father was simply trying to protect her. Raymond would like for Leah to leave Franklin holdings and become a partner with him at Darmon. Nikki has a brief conversation with Taylor when they end the call. We see Taylor has been with Lauren. Taylor feels bad for cheating and wants to end things with Nikki but Lauren wants to wait it out a bit longer. 

 Leah pays a visit to Angela to apologize for voting her out of gracities. She leaves when she finds out about Angela and Teddy’s deal. Due to lack of evidence, Piggy is back home. Angela honors the request made by Teddy and her plans on leaving. 

Piggy doesnt want Angela to leave without clearing her mothers name. While Leah enjoys her mother and childrens company, Teddy wants to know why Momma Rose is present. Leah explains how Teddy’s deal with Angela has her looking like the bad guy plus tampers with their hopes of becoming real sisters. 

Raymond and Tyrique update each other on their progress. Raymond is happy to have another chance at getting his business back and he feels like he’ll also have a chance to show Leah who her father really is. Tyrique explains how he is ready to get Angela back as well. Saloane and Quincy are making out when Lauren interrupts and questions her about a stolen bag as well as her intentions with her brother. Saloane threatens to tell Nikki about her and Taylor if she doesn’t back off. 

Teddy calls upon some new help to see if he can reopen Jack’s case. Angela and her friends had a BBQ for Piggy. Darius pops up–someone Piggy thought she killed. After multiple questions, he explains how he was simply out cold after being stabbed and how Teddy thought it would help Piggy’s addiction, if she believed she killed someone.

Quincy tells Lauren to back off Sloane. Teddy receives a text from Angela stating she’ll be leaving Oak Bluffs, since he helped Piggy. Teddy apologizes to Momma Rose for destroying their family as they slow dance. Leah is distraught the next morning when she finds her mother unconscious. A week later and everyone is getting ready for the funeral.

Darius meets up with Piggy to pass on a gun Teddy gave to him some years back and some unknown dirt Teddy has on Angela. Nikki tries to convince Angela to go to Momma Rose’s funeral. Teddy checks to see if Leah is ready for the funeral after she gets done reading a letter from her mother telling her to “get out of her fathers shadow.”

Teddy receives a call from his inside scoop on Jack’s death. He informs the person to keep the info under wraps when he hears Leah’s name. Angela shows up to the funeral to comfort Leah. This episode ends when Angela and Piggy discuss the leverage they have on Teddy.

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