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Well, we certainly did not expect to hear this from Meek Mill.

The “Dream and Nightmares” rapper made a surprise appearance on the Dirty Street Confessions show where celebrities and strangers are asked to reveal a naughty tidbit about their sex lives.

When asked if was any good at “eating the groceries,” the Philadelphia native said that his booty eating skills weren’t quite there “yet.” Meek Mill shared that if had to rate his analingus capabilities, he’d give himself a six since he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to hone in on the craft.

Later on in the clip, the 34-year-old shared that he learned to eat booty from a girl in Philly. The rapper compared the taste of rump to “unseasoned lamb chops,” but it depends on the booty, according to the star. Don’t believe it? Watch the NSFW clip below.


In another clip from the titillating interview, Meek explained that he once had an orgy with 16 women in London.

“They was telling me, ‘Yes, sir.’ Everything I would say, ‘Yes, sir,'” the said with glee. “This one girl, she was in the room until five in the morning and shit … she just start crying. I’m like, ‘Don’t cry, please don’t be like that, baby.’ … Woke up the next day, fifteen more girls in the room. I had to call one of the guys I’m with like, ‘Yo, come on, please come escort some of these girls out of my room.’ And then the magic happened.”


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Elsewhere in the interview, Meek revealed that he had a kink for pretty toes, especially for the ladies who get their piggly wigglies painted white. The celeb, who’s gearing up to drop a new cryptocurrency mixtape soon, shared that the nastiest thing he’s ever done between the sheets is spit in a woman’s mouth.


Folks on social media had all sorts of reactions to Meek’s booty munching confession.


One person on Instagram wrote:

“Let’s goooo!!! This n***a meek one freaky ass Taurus.”


Another person commented:

“This can’t be real”


While a third-social media goer on Twitter didn’t appear to be too happy with Mill’s revelation.


“Meek mill coming out to say he hopes he can up his booty eating skills from a 6, glad I stopped listening to him after DC3.”



Who knew Meek was such a freak out here in these streets?


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