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After a long hiatus, we’re back up in Eve’s Crown with Nate and Angela showing off their old dance moves to their daughter Nikki. It’s all laughs and smiles until Piggy interrupts with her news of unfinished business with Tyrique. 

Over at Teddy’s office, the family Patriarch is pleased with Tyrique’s business pitch. Leah is home reminiscing on old photos of Raymond. Raymond wants to know again, why Lauren would ever assume her and Jack were a thing. Leah exposes the kiss they shared at the diamond ball in episode 2 and assures him the kiss was not a mutual thing. 

Angela goes to bid week with the Gracities. Leah informs Angela that by impressing Giselle Hilgard at the last Gracities meet, she is on track to not only getting a bid but an investor. Angela’s sweetness is quickly soured when Teddy comes to congratulate her. Angela leaves the event.

After Angela’s quick departure, Leah pays a visit to Eve’s Crown. Leah shares a picture of Angela’s mother Eve, letting her know her mother was just as driven for her as she is for Nikki. A sweet moment gets ambushed with accusations against Teddy. Angela is hesitant due to lack of evidence but lets Leah know she feels like Teddy set her mother up to get arrested.


Piggy spills as much as she can when she meets with Tyrique. While Raymond is at the police station on a mission to recover Jack’s business documents, he discovers Teddy got to them before he could as well as new found evidence he thought he got rid of. 

When Tyrique picks up documents for Teddy from the police station, he experiences a flashback of himself and his mother in the waiting room the day of his father’s passing. Tyrique begins to have an anxiety attack. Raymond notices him and the documents and offers to get him some water. When Raymond asks to see the documents, Tyrique gets suspicious. Raymond explains Teddy is trying to steal his business and Tyrique will be helping if he doesn’t hand over the documents. Tyrique pays his desperate plea no mind since Raymond never had his back or even pretended to be a friend until now.

Angela wants to know how Piggy and Tyriques’ conversion went. Piggy is pleased Tyrique forgave her, but she hasn’t forgiven herself and she wants to turn herself in to the police.


Raymond opens up to Leah about his guilty relief with Jack’s death. Raymond also states how he almost retrieved documents, but Teddy is using Tyrique for his dirty work again. When Raymond says Teddy will hurt anyone in his path to protect his own interest,  Leah becomes defensive and states he will not hurt his family. Raymond disagrees and urges her to talk to her mother. 

Angela and Nate try to talk Piggy out of turning herself in. Leah pays a visit to her mother Rose, Leah begins to ask questions about the night of Eve’s arrest and her mother begins to have an episode. Teddy wants to know why Leah has upset her mother with the past. 

Leah explains that she wants her sister to have some type of closure. Teddy begins sending threats stating since Angela can’t leave the past alone she needs to be removed from the family.


Olivia pays Raymond a visit and questions if he has yet to retrieve Jack’s paperwork. Raymond explains he’s been busy cleaning up after her. Angela and Nikki charm Olivia and investors with their homemade pound cake at the Gracities meet. Leah and Angela are at odds when Leah explains that her father had nothing to do with Eve’s arrest. Angela lets Leah know she will stop at nothing for the truth.

Raymond patches up old wounds with Tyrique when he comes clean about an old grade school drama that affected Tyrique and his reputation once upon a time. The opportunity for Angela to be the fifth and final initiate in the Gracities sisterhood is snatched to everyone’s surprise when the last vote is up to Leah and she votes against her. 

Before heading to Teddy’s place, Tyrique gives Raymond Jack’s signature portion of the paperwork. Raymond then suggests that they work together to destroy Ted. Tyrique agrees. Tyrique also stops by Angela and apologizes for her loss in the Gracities bid week as well as his distance. Angela is presented with more bad news when Nate shows her the letter Piggy left before turning herself in. 

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