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ABC's "Queens" - Season One

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The latest episode begins with a bang—literally. 

The Queens meet at the Staple Center to see the billboard  for their upcoming tour. Eric turns to face the ladies when he notices a ski-masked figure dressed in all black. Eric tries to reason with the person by saying “Listen, I’ll get you your money” but the masked person  isn’t interested. Eric catches a bullet to the chest. The scene flashes back to the moments leading up to the shooting. 


Naomi’s New Bae

Naomi goes out on a date with Rodrigo. Naomi is nervous and offers sex to her date, but Rodrigo tells Naomi he would like to move at a slower place. There may be love on the horizon.  


Mom Ain’t Mom 

In episode 6, Valeria’s mother was caught on camera taking photos of her credit cards. When confronted, her mom says she had never seen an American Express Black Card and she only took the photo because she was proud. Valeria is satisfied with her explanation but Eric is still suspicious. He does some investigating and he learns that Valeria’s birth mother could not be the lady who is now living in her house. Come to find out, the lady who is living in Valeria’s house is Valentina, who has done time for a myriad of crimes, including fraud. Valentina tells Valeria that if she goes to the police, there will be consequences. Valeria promises not to go to the police and Valentina promises to leave. Neither of them keeps their promise. Valeria doesn’t know that Mama Valentina saw her leaving the police station.

Better Have My Money

Flashing back 12 hours earlier before the shooting, Eric receives several phone calls from the unknown number he saved in his phone under “Do Not Answer.” So, he doesn’t answer. We learn Jada Kiss is the unknown caller. He  loaned Eric $750,000 to pay off Lil’ Muffin’s debt. Jada tells Eric that he has until the end of the night to return the money. Lil Muffin overhears this conversation and tells Eric she can fix this. Billionaire Walter Wescott offers Lil’ Muffin $250,000 for a private show. Walter says in order for Lil’ Muffin to be paid, she’d have to sniff cocaine with him. Eric decides no amount of money is worth her sobriety.

That night, Jada and two men approach Eric. Instead of repaying the $750,000 he borrowed, Jada now wants 10 percent of all revenue from The Queens’ upcoming tour.  Eric refuses to be disloyal to the ladies. Instead, he declines the agreement and miraculously garners the strength to knock the three men unconscious before escaping.


Unicorn Where? 

Jill is in the studio spitting verses on a Wyclef Jean song. Wyclef is blown away by her talent.  When he learns that she can also sing, he gasses her up by referring to her as a unicorn

Jill is confronted by Tina in a parking lot. Tina threatens to expose Jill’s unscrupulous ways to the public. She also  warns Jill that her day of reckoning is coming. Tina walks away but not before spitting on Jill’s windshield. Jill is shooketh. Later on, when Wyclef offers her a solo deal, Jill reflects on her encounter with Tina and decides it’s time for her to be loyal to someone other than herself. She declines.  


I Forgive You

With support from the girls, Brianna finally opens an envelope Jeff gave her before his passing. Instead of a letter, it was passwords to his computer. Jeff prepared a video in case he didn’t survive his illness. He apologized for hurting her, professed his love and ended with a request: “Do what makes you happy, Bree.” Brianna is finally able to forgive Jeff. 



The episode comes full circle at its beginning. The moment Eric is shot, he lunges toward the assailant. During a brief tussle, the gun goes off again. Eric turns around and realizes that the second bullet hit Brianna and she is losing consciousness. Jada is mad, Tina is livid and Valeria’s fake mother is furious. But which one of them pulled the trigger?


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