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Data out of Pew Research shows that nearly half of single Americans state that dating is harder today than it was 10 years ago. They list many reasons, including more emotional and physical risk, but one reason sticks out: 11 percent of women say dating is harder because it’s just more casual. “Impersonal” is another reason that crept up. If you’re reading this, you can probably agree. It seems like today, asking “What are we?” is practically the same as asking, “Will you marry me?” Simply putting a label on something has become very “serious.” Some people are in something casual because they’re afraid to ask for what they really want. Others are in something casual because they want the freedom to explore their options.

Whatever the reason, you might very well find that the holidays are near and you’re in a “situationship” rather than a relationship. It’s more than a casual hookup but less than a monogamous relationship. You spend plenty of time together out of the bedroom, but sometimes go long stretches of time without talking. You do couple things together, like attending weddings together, but you also know it wouldn’t technically be cheating if you went out with somebody else. What the heck do you get somebody for the holidays when this describes the non-relationship you’re in? We got you covered with these perfectly neutral gifts for your situationship.


situationship gifts

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Tickets to an event you’d both enjoy aren’t even technically a holiday gift. This event could be months out, nowhere near the holidays. You just happen to be giving this person the tickets now, during the holidays. Technically, you’re just planning another hang out. Tickets to an event don’t leave a mark on the person’s home. They aren’t something the person needs to display or store anywhere. They’re just a reservation – a plan. They’re certainly thoughtful, but they aren’t romantic.


Funny Socks

holiday gift ideas

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Everybody could use some more fun socks in their life. And since men are wearing cuffed pants a lot these days, they’re showing off those ankles more. Socks are a perfect situationship gift. A tie says “We’ll be attending family gatherings together” and is too serious. A shirt is very personal – you only pick out a shirt for your spouse. Underwear steers towards hook-up status. But socks are useful, funny, impersonal but also thoughtful. Nobody ever put their claim on anyone through a pair of socks.



holiday gift ideas

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Everybody (who drinks) appreciates a nice boozy gift. They can enjoy it with you, or store it for later. They can stock their bar with it. They can participate in their love of craft cocktails. Alcohol is always useful, any time of year. But you can spring for a nice bottle that makes this booze gift-status ready. Throw a bow on it and maybe toss in some funny shot glasses and that’s a totally neutral but appreciated present.


A Phone Case

holiday gift ideas

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If you’re at a place with your situationship where you can show that you’ve noticed the little things, you can get away with picking up a phone case. Perhaps you’ve seen your situationship drop their phone too many times. Maybe the thing is covered in scratches. Maybe their old phone case is falling apart. Phone cases aren’t too expensive, and they come in so many styles so you can go for something funny rather than romantic.


A Low Maintenance Plant

holiday gift ideas

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A low-maintenance plant is perfect for a situationship because it’s low-maintenance, just like this non-relationship. Maybe you’ve spent enough time at this person’s home to notice it could use a little greenery, but you don’t want to give them the homework of watering something, in the same way you don’t give them the homework of calling you before bed each night – this is a situationship.


A Heated Blanket

holiday gift ideas

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Some gifts for your situationship can also sort of be for you, like a heated blanket. If your situationship is one of those people who likes to keep their home so frigid you’d swear they’re hoping to freeze their organs to live forever, you might appreciate having this heated blanket around. When you two cozy up for a movie, you can plug it in and enjoy it yourself. And when you aren’t around, it’s a perfectly impersonal gift.


A Funny Calendar

holiday gift ideas

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Some people still enjoy being able to look at a large paper calendar on the wall. If your situationship is like that, get them a funny calendar. Or you can get them one that features their interest in some way. A paper calendar is a great gift when you want something not too pricey for someone who likes old-school, vintage things. You wouldn’t spring for a record player for your situationship, but a classic calendar is no big deal.


A Game

holiday gift ideas

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An adult board game, card game or puzzle is a great gift because it walks the line between friendship and relationship. It is an activity you two can do together, like on your pseudo date nights, but it’s also something your situationship can enjoy with friends. If you ever split up, nobody would suspect that an ex-situationship gave him the board game that sits under his coffee table.

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