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Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

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It’s Teddy’s birthday and Leah is telling everyone Raymond is in Boston on business. After Teddy apologizes for the stress he has been causing Leah, he informs her of the lead role in the business he wants her to take over.

Angela has questions about Tyrique’s mental state since new information about his father’s death came to surface. Angela pays a visit to Tedd’s, and it looks like Leah isn’t the only daughter Teddy wants to do good by. He invites Angela to his Birthday party. 

Raymond is back to resolve his home issues. He explains to Leah he hasn’t been the only one lying and that she, too, has some explaining to do. Raymond also pays a visit to his old business partner Jack to sign off on some papers that can help with getting their business back but Jack seems to have other plans.

Angela pops up on Leah at the office and after getting a sense of her sister’s mood she offers a sistervention. Angela and Leah are poolside sharing drinks and their current relationship issues. When Angela goes to get another drink, Jack pops up on Leah and apologizes for that kiss he laid on her in episode 2. He also gives her his hotel room key before leaving. Nikki and Nate plan a shopping date for Teddy’s birthday party. 

Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

Source: FOX Flash / FOX Flash

When Quincy enters his home, we meet Saloane, the daughter of one of the house staff members. They have a brief discussion about his ball life and business life. Raymond receives a call from Teddy that is full of light threats. Raymond lets Tedd know he’s not backing down easily, and that he will fight for his marriage and his business just as much as Tedd will be fighting against it. 

Nikki and her father take a stroll after finding a suit. He begins to experience PTSD when he spots two police officers who appear to be coming in his direction; this moment leaves him and Nikki a little shaken. 

Tyrique and Teddy talk since Tedd’s release from hospital. Tyrique feels like the heart attack was his fault. Tedd assures him that it was not and that he’s sorry for keeping the truth about his father’s death hidden for so long. They hug and make up. The awkward silence in the Franklin’s bedroom has Raymond questioning where they are in their marriage. 

Everyone is at Teddy’s Harlem Renaissance themed birthday party. Nikki seems to be avoiding her father after the PTSD episode he experienced on their father daughter date. Angela wants to try and get Tyrique to communicate his feelings. Tyrique doesn’t want to think or talk; just have fun. Quincy lets Teddy know the paparazzi is outside asking for an interview only for Tedd to see his daughters and nieces gear up for a little lindy hopping. 

Raymond wants to know if Quincy is still on board to be next in line at the Darmon Company but Quincy would like to pursue his own dreams.

Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

Source: FOX Flash / FOX Flash

Leah pays a visit to Angela. Leah explains how she could’ve hurt Raymond by sleeping with Jack but did not. Angela explains the best way to repair a marriage is with honesty. Quincy pays a visit to Saloane and tells her about the after party and his desire to pave his own way.

When Raymond visits Jack, he finds out Jack still hasn’t signed the papers. He also reveals he received an offer from Teddy and took it. When Jack explains his desires for Leah, Raymond leaves Jack bruised and bloody. 

Angela and Nikki talk about vulnerability and how she would feel if Nate moved in with them. Back at the Franklins, Leah and Raymond make up after she explains how she was trying to help with Darmon as well but was locked out of the books when Tedd found out. Her ego got in the way and that’s why she never opened up about it. 

While Lauren waits on Quincy in Leah’s car, she finds Jack’s hotel room key. With a whole lot of curiosity she calls the hotel and finds out it’s Jack’s room. Angela asks Nate to move in. Tyrique comes in noticeably drunk and leaves saying “none of this is worth it” when Angela lets him know he’s not in his right mind.

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