Ish I Don’t Want to See in 2012: A Reality Show About King of Diamonds Strippers

January 17, 2012  |  

At this time last month, I was out of the country, disconnected from a bit of everything (the ability to call people was gone because of roaming, and I was not able to use the Internet). Therefore, I missed the big memo and the rumors that a show called Queen of Strip could be coming to VH1 sometime this year to let us know all we DIDN’T need to know about the ladies of famed Miami strip club King of Diamonds. You know, the one all the rappers are seen spending a year’s worth of school tuition in on lapdances and pole twerking.

So when I was updated on all the hubbub and rumors about the show, it was after I most recently viewed the video for Young Money rapper Tyga’s song “Rack City.” The star of his video, a lady named Blac Chyna, is a VERY curvaceous stripper at King of Diamonds, and is said to not only be Tyga’s girlfriend, but is also allegedly going to be one of the stars of the show. And if the show will be anything like the “Rack City” video, which features some exotic dancing entertainment, you’ll be subjected to a whole lot of booty shots, pole twirling and thirsty (I’m talking DEHYDRATED) guys going gaga at the club.

Let’s keep it 100: we’ve been exposed, thanks to VH1 alone, to everything from swinging and scratching Mob Wives, to trifling Basketball Wives from Miami to L.A. who aren’t actually wives but bitter exes. And don’t forget all the nonsense we get exposed to from video models and struggling musicians and girlfriends on Love & Hip Hop (yeah, I’m talking to you Erica and Kimbella). Is it just me, or does VH1 have a beef with women? Seriously, any and every program they have on their roster (with the exception of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle) at this point does more to objectify women of all colors and backgrounds than it does to bring some sort of positivity to the world. And while I’m sure some of the strippers featured on the show (if it happens) will probably try and show what activities and things they have going on outside of the club, I can’t help but think this will be something better suited for a straight to DVD series (like Girls Gone Wild thing) rather than something young women are exposed to on the channel. I would hate for my niece to think that ditching the books for a pole can actually be a claim to fame. The other shows have already proven that being a naive girlfriend or baby mother to a narcissistic baller, rapper or mobster can do the same.  And chances are, this show would be centered around black female strippers, and that of course, would help to perpetuate many of the tired stereotypes and opinions about us. Yay.

I can’t hate on the ladies at King of Diamonds who choose to take the stripper route to pay their bills. I don’t know people’s circumstances, so to each their own. But honestly, I’ve always felt like this: if you’re going to be a stripper, that’s your business. Nobody has to see you stripping but the men who go to the club, and nobody has to be exposed to the things that can happen in the club but the people who choose to step in the club and get an eyeful. But to bring what needs to stay in the dark to the light of primetime television is something I’m not a fan of, and I can’t see the purpose in putting a show like this on the air. I mean, outside of putting dollars in VH1’s ever-growing pockets and painting another hot mess of a picture of us. While the men of the world might be giddy with excitement over the possibility of getting to watch strippers on television for free dance to “She Got a Donk,” I think I would much rather watch a third coat of paint dry on the wall. No thanks.

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