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Well, the week in the celebrity world is over and a few last minute things caught my eye that I wanted to share.  Don’t the celebs always give us some ratchetness to discuss and laugh at? Well, here’s your last “cup of tea” from me! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (DrennaB) so we can laugh and talk together!

Chris’ new tat

Take a close look at that arm. Do you see the picture of the woman yet at the top?  Well, guess what? The face of the woman on Chris’ arm belongs to…his girlfriend, Karrueche.  What is wrong with people? Why are you getting your girlfriend’s face tattooed on your arm? First of all, you’re stupid and second, what about when/ if you guys break up?  Well, for the latter I suppose it’s good that Chris has a full sleeve so if they were to break up, he could easily cover it. Anyway, you can check out the picture of Chris’ girl that the tat is a replica of and more on Global Grind. Goodness…

First Lady Michelle Obama Talks About the Girls

They may have the Secret Service all around them and get to go places in their young lives that we might not see in our adult lives, but there’s one thing that bonds all young girls: Malia and Sasha Obama are easily embarrassed by their parents.  FL Obama revealed to Gayle King in an interview on CBS on Friday that the girls don’t like to see their mother one bit and because of all the hoopla surrounding his appearances, they don’t like the President to ever come up to the school. Yeah, I get it: if my dad were not only the President but a fine one at that, it would probably be a little difficult for me too.  Mrs. Obama also told Gayle that Malia has a cell phone to keep in touch with friends and that they like to go out to movie theaters in order to keep some sort of normalcy.  One last thing – Mrs. Obama said there will be NO MORE BABIES in the White House.

Paula & Robin: Mission Pay Your Taxes

The Detroit News has attained public records which show that the IRS has filed a tax lien for more than $492,000 against Paula Patton and her husband Robin Thicke for their home in California on December 28th.  But according to Patton and Thicke’s rep, they were just made aware of the situation and will be taking care of it immediately.  So here’s my question: do people just become famous and a little bit rich and forget all about double-checking the work of their advisors? I need to know.

Kobe & Vanessa trading mansions?

Well, we haven’t heard much about Kobe and Vanessa’s divorce  since they filed last month but TMZ has learned that the two have been transferring titles to mansions.  Kobe has handed over the title to two mansions – one for the house they’d been living in and the other for the house Vanessa’s mom lives in – to Vanessa. Vanessa turned over the deed to the new compound still in construction to Kobe.  I’m sure the latter is the one he cares about because the construction pictures I’ve seen looks like four mansions put together. Listen, Vanessa’s mother came UP, you hear me? It is one thing to be able to buy a few more nice things because your daughter married a rich man but being able to live in your own mansion? Must be nice, lady!

Brian Austin Green Suing Vanessa Marcil

If any of you were into 90210 back in the day, then you know that Brian Austin-Green and Vanessa Marcil used to date for quite some time and are parents to a 9 year old son. Well, Brian is now suing Vanessa for allegedly not paying back money that was lent to her…over 11 years ago.  E! Online is reporting that in the documents filed on Friday, Brian said he started lending money to Vanessa in 2000 and by the end of their relationship, he’d lent her over $200,000.  He says they were both clear in the fact that this was a loan and that she would pay it back when he asked; but, he says she has refused to pay since he’s been asking for it which was in November. So now he’s suing for breach of an oral agreement and negligent misrepresentation.  I wonder if B.A.G. is low on funds. While I understand trying to get money back from someone you loaned it to, why would he wait over 11 years to do it? Weird.

Serena’s Gone Solo

In the dating world, that is. During a press junket for the Australian Open, Yahoo! reports that Serena briefly discussed her dating life by saying she hasn’t been on a date in forever.  You mean to tell me that two rappers are rumored to be having a rap beef over you and neither of them are trying to get you back? Anyway, when asked why she hadn’t been dating, Serena said she can be super picky and “never satisfied.” Well, don’t we all know someone like that?

Will and Jada round out Top 20 Most Charitable Celeb

It ‘s always nice to hear when anyone gives back, even if it is just a little bit, but it is especially nice to hear when a celeb gives back. According to ESSENCE, Will and Jada have made the list coming in at number 20 of the most charitable celebrities by donating $900,000 to various charities.  The Giving Back 30 list was created by The Giving Back Fund and it lists the most charitable donations of 2010. Kudos to them!

Kelly Rowland singing a Mariah Carey Song? In WTF news of the day, the BET Honors was taped yesterday in Washington, D.C. and Mariah Carey is one of this year’s honorees.  When I heard Kelendria Trene Rowland would be part of the tribute to Mimi, I felt quite confused. I like Kelly but let’s face it: she doesn’t come anywhere close to being able to sing on the level of Mariah Carey. But remaining the calm, Inspector Gadget-esque person I am, I did a little Twitter research last night and found out the song she sang was “Fantasy,” which doesn’t require super amazing vocal ability.  Hopefully, she was able to have fun with it and do a good job, even if I am still miffed on how she got that one (her management finally got one right though because that’s a big deal).  We’ll all be able to check it out when the BET Honors premieres on Monday, February 13th at 9pm!

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