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It’s been painfully obvious that Jennifer Lopez barely waited for the word divorce to leave Marc Anthony’s lips before she started dating again, and for the most part her soon-to-be-ex-hubby took her public displays of affection with Casper Smart on the chin, but the tables are starting to turn just a bit.

Last week, Marc Anthony posted photos of him loving up on Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, and over the weekend they went “public” with their relationship by sending each other “look at me” tweets and retweeting congratulatory messages about their new relationship from followers. Meanwhile, J Lo was busy setting up a weekly $10,000 allowance transfer for her 24-year-old beau and back-up dancer so that he could feel like a man when they went out in public together.

Initially, both sides just seemed to be attempting to make the other jealous—which suggests they aren’t really over each other anyway—but now Marc has reportedly said J Lo needs to see a psychologist to figure out why she can’t stand to be without a man. It’s clear this divorce is about to get ugly—first comes psych eval, then comes full custody of the kids.

While bopping around town with their new lovers, neither J Lo nor Marc Anthony appears to have thought too much about their twins who are in the middle. Sure Jennifer took her children on vacation to Hawaii with Casper but that’s not exactly a good look. Most people wait a little while to expose their children to new father figures, and in some ways it’s just irresponsible to bring a bunch of side pieces around your kids. Yeah, mama has to have a life too, but mama also has to set a good example. Having uncle Casper’s and uncle Bradley’s rolling in and out of the house on rotation is not it.

And if Marc is about to play dirty, he should think about the repercussions of speaking too ill of his children’s mother. If you’ve already decided to split, there’s nothing else to say, go your separate ways and do it quietly. There’s never really any good way to get divorced but there’s definitely a better way than what these two are doing and I think it all started with J Lo’s dating. Separate, about to get a divorce, filing for the divorce, and anything similar means that you are still currently married and you should still carry yourself like a married woman. Marc Anthony could easily try to prove she’s an unfit mother and take the kids away from her, would that be worth her cougar rendezvous? I know being civil and actually waiting til things are final before you date again may not be the Hollywood way of doing divorce (or a lot of other American’s) but maybe they should try it. If they had, they wouldn’t be making a media spectacle of themselves and setting their children up to be right in the middle.

What do you think about the way J Lo and Marc Anthony are handling their divorce? Do you think they’re both just trying to make each other jealous? Are they both wrong for dating again so soon?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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