What Blue Ivy Carter Has Highlighted About America

January 11, 2012  |  
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On Saturday, January 7th, 2012, an American princess was born. Blue Ivy Carter, first born, heir to a Throne that has roots firmly cemented in the struggle and diversity of Black America. Her dad, a Hip Hop superstar, former Marcy projects drug dealer and an icon of a generation. Her mom, adored by men, women and children, was bred in upper-middle class environs.

With her parents idealistic career, fame and wealth, it’s not surprising that Blue’s birth has caused such a media frenzy. People go crazy over cute nobody babies on Youtube all the time. Mix that with the over the top emotions typically released by Jay and Bey fans and you have the perfect storm of mass media hype.

But while the public gets swept away with fantasy baby shower gifts and conspiracy theories, you may be so nauseated that you miss the true significance of Blue’s coming. While whispers of Illuminati are over the top, there is certainly more to baby Blue, or the impact her presence has on Black America and mainstream media, than meets the eye.

Media is fueled by rumor

Beyonce is using a surrogate. She’s just faking a pregnancy. Ivy Blue is the baby’s name and it is connected to the illuminati. Chances are you heard all of these and more. So have millions in every other city. You don’t get that kind of coverage without without serious media. But what’s most impressive is it is all false.

What isn’t fake is the millions in ad sales behind all that rich misinformation. Moral of the story: Somethings are true, somethings are not, either way someone is going to make dough. Booyow!

Trivial matters are more exciting than serious concerns.

Would you rather sit through all of the Republican debates, or see recently released pictures of baby Blue? The answer is telling when you’re honest.

Political debates get boos, especially when they go on as long as the 2012 this long. Yes, the candidates are like a Nyquil sandwich, but proper citizens ought to be enthralled by debate, more democracy and lobbying for effective tackling of issues. But we all know that $#@! ain’t happening.

Politicians know the stakes are low, and many of them wing it on national television and do what ever they want in office because they know most are busy doing things like looking for pictures of baby Blue or Photoshoping fantasy ones.

Black royalty makes us more American

I know the truth to be different, so it isn’t as insulting (although it is an insult) as much as a pet peeve to be told that I’m not American. Although I and generations of my clan, have been born and raised in the U.S., there is mass mental delusion that because I have brown skin, I’m not really American.


Though subtle, the birth of baby Blue shifts this delusion closer to the truth. This child is an American princess. The fallacy that her black skin means foreign is stripped away by the prominence of her American parents, and all the white people who want to kiss their @$$.

The best rapper is a great role model


No one can overlook that baby Blue’s dad is a rapper, especially young black men. Jay-Z isn’t just any rapper, he is the most acclaimed one we have. He helped shape the genre and influenced countless other careers on and off the mic–especially off the mic.

But Hov isn’t one of these new-age, emo hip-hop artists. He is the iconic hustling, gun-toting, womanizing thoroughbred that millions of hood dudes emulate as the soundtrack of their lives. But the street legend lifestyle Jay-Z glorified for much of his career is a far cry from the “30 is the new 20, I’m all grownup” Jay of recent years.

Today, hood dudes have a different role model in Jay-Z: loving husband, legitimate businessman, father. It makes a lot of black dudes across the country recognize that they have to step their game way the $#%# up, and “button up.”

You can have it all

No brother I know is going to kick Beyonce out of bed, but guys don’t dig her like that. It’s women who go gaga over the new mom and who are the real consumers of her lifestyle brand.

A black woman will sit a man down and make sure that he sees the latest Beyonce “strut-her-stuff” video and it’s because she embodies much of what every woman wants to be. Beauty and talent, no question, but it’s also very clear that she works her tuckus off.

Much of the lure surrounding whether Beyonce was pregnant or not stems from a burning question career women tackle: Can I have it all, an amazing career, fabulous looks and a family?

Well if Beyonce is of any indication, yes you can.

The question is do you want it?


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