How Drake’s Attack On Vanessa Bryant Shows His Immaturity

January 10, 2012  |  


by Charing Ball

Well it seems that Drake might be on one.

Last week, the Hip-Hop superstar got all Thugnificent on Vanessa Bryant, soon-to-be ex wife of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, in a remix of a Rick Ross and French Montana song called “Stay Schemin’.” On it, Drake lyrically stood by his man, Kobe, by saying: “Kobe bout to lose 150 M’s. Kobe my n*gga. I hate it had to be him. Beyotch, you wasn’t wit me shootin in the gym.”

Oh Aubrey. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch you, curl up your top lips, snarl and take on this whole “gangsta” persona especially when you are probably best known for crooning about – and to – the ladies. But it’s apparent even celebrities can be stans too.  And we know how dogmatic folks are when they feel that their favorite celebrity is being violated in some way? They get defensive and start calling the mother of the children of their favorite basketball player “bitches.”

Nevertheless, I’m sure that there are some folks who agree with him. In particularly, those folks, who question the fairness of Kobe having to share half of his well-earned fortune with soon to be ex-wife, just because their marriage didn’t work out.  Some folks have already precluded that she must obviously be a gold-digger. Yet after 10 years of marriage, two offsprings and a litany of extra-martial affairs, not including the alleged rape accusation, Vanessa doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical image of a gold-digger. In fact, she sounds a lot like a wife.

Lest we not forget that when Kobe was facing rape charges, Vanessa was sitting next to him at his press conference, holding his hand and listening dutifully as he publicly humiliated her in a halfway decent apology, courtesy of a well-honed PR team, who thought her addition at the press conference would help fix Kobe’s image. Yeah sure, she got a diamond ring out of it but given the choice between having a ring or a faithful, or at the least a more discreet, husband, I’m sure that she would probably have chosen the latter.

Where ever you fall on the “issue,” and yes it is in quotations because I don’t see Vanessa or Kobe discussing their financial split, you’ve got to acknowledge that there has been enough precedence for Kobe to know that his marriage might end in divorce. And ultimately, especially if you live in California, you just might have to share half your fortune with your former significant other.  So common sense should have kicked in that either: 1. If you don’t want to be faithful then don’t bother getting married, or 2. If you decide to get married, and are worried about your financial health, then you should probably get a prenuptial agreement.

Now back to Drizzy, it’s quite ironic that the champion of song written mostly for and about women still doesn’t really know how to deal with his mostly female audience.  First he calls us bitches and then he is telling us how much he loves us. Sounds quite abusive if you ask me. Likewise, I don’t understand rappers, who go after non-rappers, especially soon to be ex-wives of NBA ballers, who don’t have the skills or the machine behind them to defend themselves. Vanessa isn’t a rapper. However Ludacris and Common are rappers and they both dissed you. In fact, one of the rappers recently called you a syrupy sweet soda on your own track.  Instead of attacking defenseless mothers, perhaps Drake might want to save all those snappy punch lines, aka rhymes, for the attacks coming from those within his own craft.

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