WEEKEND WRAPUP: Bey Blue, Oprah’s Mistake, Mos Def A Bigamist? + MORE

January 8, 2012  |  
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Well, here we are again with our weekend wrap-up! This weekend has given us quite the cup of tea including…a new baby!! So here we go…!

Bey Blue

By all accounts, Baby Carter has arrived! Around 8p on Saturday night, word started floating that Beyonce had been admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC under the name Ingrid Jackson. Allegedly, the Knowles-Carters rented an entire floor of the hospital for about $1.3 million and took various security precautions which included employees having their cell phones confiscated when they entered for their shifts and security cameras were turned off (I’m hoping for just that floor). Anyway, just before 11p, dream hampton who is one of Jay’s best friends started sending out super excited sub-tweets with the first one being, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Her tweets continued for quite some time and she finally tweeted what was all but a confirmation with, “All pink everything,” alluding that the Carters had a baby girl. E! reported the same stating that they are “calling” the little miss Ivy Blue (which they are now reporting is Blue Ivy – they both sound fake).  It makes me feel like that’s likely not her name but we’ll find out soon enough. Little Miss Carter has already ruined the “4” tradition by deciding to show her face on the 7th but I guess you can’t always have it your way, huh? JUST JOKES, folks! Congrats to the Knowles-Carters!!

Jail Time for Joey?

Yesterday, I was all excited telling you that I believe Joe Budden should have a reality show to show off his shenanigans. Well, it appears he may have other, more pressing business to deal with. About a month or so ago, Joe tweeted about the food in jail. I figured it was something small he could pay a fine for and go on about his business. Boy, was I wrong. According to the docket obtained by ATLNightSpots, Joey is facing three felony accounts for possession of a firearm, a controlled substance and driving without a license.   Is this man a fool or what? Allegedly, he was in New York at the time and there are very strict laws about firearm possession (ask Plaxico) so he might go away for that alone. But Joe isn’t going down without a fight: his lawyer is trying to get the evidence found suppressed because Joe claims his car was illegally searched. Oh Joey…

Oprah Admits Mistakes with Network

Here’s the good side: At least, Oprah isn’t acting like her network, OWN, is a major success.  From the Chicago Sun Times Oprah said, “Yes, there were some mistakes. Who hasn’t made mistakes? The real beauty is you can say, ‘I learned from that.’” Indeed you can, Lady O.  Now, I’m not a big fan of Oprah and I’m not sure how this is all going to turn out but I know that it takes some time to make a network great. She also agreed that they needed way more programming.  It has been said that Discovery, who gave up their Discovery Health channel to back OWN, has demanded she become more visible in an attempt to gain more viewers.  Hopefully, it will help the lackluster ratings. Here’s my question though: Where are the loyal Oprah show viewers? I thought they’d follow and support her through any type of storm. Eh, maybe they’ll come back if they see her on there more.

Mos Def a bigamist?

Well, Diary of a Hollywood Street King has finally given Mos Def’s legal wife (or so she says), Alana, the chance to put him on blast. In the letter, Alana is furious that Mos is allegedly trying to marry again when he hasn’t finalized his divorce with her. She is upset that she has been stuck in this situation for more than six years (they were married in 2005 after having only known each other 96 hours – yeah, you figure it out) while he continues to live his life as an alleged bigamist.  If you don’t know anything about Alana, she is a former video chick and stripper who’s been known to date a few athletes here and there.  Here is what I’d like to know: Is the divorce process so much different in Canada that you literally have to wait on a person to sign the papers? Here in the U.S., if a person won’t sign, there are steps that can be taken to finalize a divorce without the signature. So, is Alana just hoping he’ll give her some money? Someone help me out here, please.

Fantasia’s “boyfriend” wants to help you Free Yourself

 A couple of days ago, I was seeing things on my Twitter timeline about Fantasia’s “boo,” Antwaun Cook.  As if it weren’t enough that this situation between Tasia and her “boyfriend”/son’s father wasn’t already crazy, the man has now opened a bail bonds business called…FREE YOURSELF BAIL BONDS, INC.  Yes, this man has used the name of this woman’s song to start his business.  I wonder how this business was even funded seeing as though Antwaun has children to support with his wife/ex-wife (we can’t seem to get clarity on this one), Paula, as well as a child we hear he isn’t supporting with Fantasia.  Antwaun, why don’t you try to free yourself of all that foolish drama?  Dag Tasia, he’s like the “gift that keeps on giving.” Wake up, girl!

Oh Na Na, What’s Her Name?

Rihanna has indeed continued to have her star shine year after year. MTV News is reporting that Nielsen Soundscan has crowned Rih Rih top-selling digital artist of all time.  Granted, the age of obtaining music digitally has not been around for an extremely long time but when you’re up against the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber who have cult like followings, this is a big deal. Rih only came out in 2005 and has racked up 47.5 million digital sales, beating out Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Gaga and others. Well, aright then! See, a catchy tune nowadays fully beats out actual talent. I can’t even front: I do like quite a few of her songs and am not ashamed to admit it. Congrats, Rihanna! Now…go get some rest!

The Voice Gaining More Star Power

Since its premiere last year, NBC’s “The Voice” has given singers yet another outlet to perform and strike it big in the music industry. For the upcoming season, which kicks off after the Super Bowl on February 5th, the prime mentors for the show (Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton) have some additional help to get them through the battle rounds of the show, according to EURWeb. Neyo, Babyface, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke are just a few of the artists tapped to lend a helping hand this season. Kelly Clarkson and country singer Miranda Lambert (who is Blake Shelton’s wife) will also appear on the show as mentors.  I hope the contestants can live up to the talent of their mentors!

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