Spinderella: Celebrity ‘DJs’ Keep Your Spins to Yourself

January 3, 2012  |  

YeezyWorldPeace, AKA Kanye West, and Rihanna were both caught trying their hands at Djing over the New Year’s Eve weekend, and prior to that Alicia Keys, Solange, and Lil Wayne were seen spinning records at clubs in 2011.

It may be cute to these celebrities to show up, spin a record, and collect a check, but Spinderella of the rap group Salt & Pepa isn’t feeling the new “trend” as she calls it.

Necole Bitchie caught her twitter rant earlier today and she made no effort to disguise who she’s gunning for:

“First DJ Ak-47 (Alicia Keys) and now DJ wih wih wiggity Wayne? WTH who’s next?

@planet12law it’s disgusting. recod sales down .. become a Dj? FOH.

Djing is just a ‘trend’ now. artists jump on the bandwagon cause it’s the ‘in’ career move. what about real Djs that ‘bleed’ this culture?[…]

I rapped on a few joints back then.. and was dope at it.. but never claim to be a ‘rapper’ ..BTW.. I do lessons for anyone who wants to learn. but we startin ground ZERO”

I’m not sure what that outburst will do for business but I don’t think you can expect Weezy to ask for any pointers. She also retweeted:

“@Spindeezy Wayne already SUCKS as a musician so what the hell is he gonna accomplish as a DJ? spinning YOUNG Money Tracks? GTFOH”


Spinderella does have a point though. It’s the same argument actors and actresses use against the surge of untrained athletes and musicians who end up getting star roles in films and taking jobs away from them. It’s easy to see why news that Kanye could collect $1 million in a night to DJ at a party would have a 25-year vet like Spinderella upset.

What do you think about what she had to say? Are you just as annoyed with this rapper/singer/DJ trend?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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