Different Strokes, Same Folks: Our Favorite Type Casted Celebrities

December 24, 2011  |  
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You ever watch a movie and say to yourself, “Dag, why do they always play the same role in every movie?” The people on this list, whether accidentally or intentionally, have pretty much played the same person in every movie we’ve seen them in. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of these actors and actresses but I often wonder if they think about the roles they’ve played or if they’re fine with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix” rule of thumb…

Jenifer Lewis – “The loud, speaking out of turn mother”

 I love Jenifer but any time she’s in a movie, I know that eventually I’m going to turn my volume down or if I’m in a theater I’m going to think, “Whooo, she is LOUD!” You’ve got to love her laugh though – she puts her heart in that.

Gabrielle Union – “The very pretty but angry and bitter sister/friend”

Look closely. In the midst of that pretty face, there looks like a glimpse of “crazy” in her eyes.  But I wonder if Gabby put herself in that position; we saw way too many movies back to back with her giving too much attitude and neck rolling.  We haven’t seen her working much over the last few years – not sure if that’s because she’s not being considered for roles, she’s turning roles down or if it’s because she’s with Dwayne Wade now.

Samuel L. Jackson – “The don’t mess with me unless you want me to set this mutha OFF black man”

As we all know, Sam has seemingly been in every movie over the last 20 years or so.  There is always a point when his eyes will bulge and his character will flip out. It has worked for him because if you’ll recall, Sam has grossed the most money for Hollywood.

Tasha Smith – “The loud and always ready for an argument friend/girlfriend/wife”

Tasha is my GIRL! I totally believe we’d be homies and could keke it up while watching the Housewives or something. But when it comes to movie roles, I wish she would take a step back from the “extension of her real self” and try doing something different. She’s typecasting herself, in my opinion, by continuing to play the same person in all these Tyler Perry movies and shows.

Michelle Rodriguez – “The “badass” pretty girl”

Michelle will KICK. YOUR. BUTT.  She has played the role of professional butt kicker in all her movies so well that it might be the same thing in real life. In her case, I think it has a lot to do with her “look.” Yes, she’s pretty but she also has very defined features that make her look tough and her body frame just looks…strong.

Jennifer Aniston –“The hopeless romantic”

Let me be honest: I am sick of this woman playing the role of a hopeless romantic. Seriously Jen, these roles MIGHT be the reason why people think you can’t keep a man in real life. You’re [seemingly] so in love with love that you go into these relationships with your eyes closed. Much like your love life, we know the end of your movie story lines before your characters do.

Julia Roberts –“The girl next door”

Whether she’s playing a prostitute or the woman trying to steal her best friend from the woman he’s about to marry, Julia and that smile never seem to look like the “bad guy.” It is like these scripts are made for her and she just can’t help but to make them wholesome.

Angela Bassett – “The angry, don’t mess with me Black woman”

Is there anyone who doesn’t adore Angela Bassett? I didn’t think so. Off camera, she seems very nice and down to earth. But put her in front of the cameras and she is angry all the time.  Much like some of the aforementioned actors and actresses, I think the reason she’s gotten these roles is because of her strong facial features. The high cheekbones and piercing eye shape say, “Utter one crazy thing out of your mouth and see if I don’t cut you deep.” Either way, we’ll always support her.

Cicely Tyson – “The old and worn down woman or grandmother”

YES, I’m adding Miss Jane Pittman to the list and don’t even tell me I’m wrong.  She is one of our legends without a doubt but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see her with a cane or speaking like this is the “olden days.” I’m SO sure you all know what I’m talking about. I’m not at all disrespecting Miss Tyson, just observing her roles.

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