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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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In the first part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s season 13 reunion, the ladies sat down in a dungeon-inspired ballroom to discuss everything from Kenya Moore’s shady comments on Porsha Williams’ Black Lives Matter activism to what Drew Sidora’s husband Ralph Pittman was doing during those mysterious three days in Tampa.

During last night’s episode, viewers essentially watched as the cast discussed what went down in the lives of Porsha, Kenya, and Drew. Starting off with Porsha, host Andy Cohen recounted how much the housewife has grown in terms of how she’s chosen to use her platform this season as a way to support Black Lives Matter and showcase her increased commitment to social justice.

Porsha’s involvement in the movement was one of the show’s main plot points this season overall, especially since not all of her castmates thought her intentions for becoming more vocal in BLM were authentic. Since in the footage we saw Kenya was the most outspoken person raising questions about Porsha’s activism, last night the two women went head to head. Porsha brought up some really good points regarding how Kenya can be hypocritical at times when it comes to how she judges her other castmates. For example, at one point during the season Kenya made a dig at Porsha by referencing the latter mistaking the Underground Railroad for an actual railroad that transported slaves in one of her first seasons on the show. According to Porsha, it didn’t make sense that Kenya would expect to be included in some of the positive things she was trying to do for the BLM movement as a person who’s done the work to educate themselves and grow — when behind her back she (Kenya) was still holding her to ignorant mistakes she’d made in the past such as the Underground Railroad blunder.

Even more so, it was pointed out that Kenya’s not the most “woke” out of the bunch either. Essentially, both Porsha and Andy wanted to know who Kenya is to judge Porsha when — as we saw this season — Kenya has made her own culturally insensitive mistakes. As they tackled her own personal journey throughout this season, Andy questioned Kenya about why she chose to wear a Native American headdress as her costume to Falynn’s Halloween party. In an effort to explain her choice of attire, last night she shared that she thought wearing the headdress was a form of paying homage to her Native American roots and family from West Virginia.

Regardless, Kenya admitted wearing the headpiece was wrong and she doubled down on her previous apology for wearing the symbolic headpiece. Still though, to Porsha’s point, she can’t be so expectant of people to forgive her for her mistakes when she doesn’t give that same grace to her castmates and instead brings up problematic things they may have done years and years ago amidst their efforts to be better people.

With all of that in mind, Kenya’s hypocritical tendencies also came up yesterday night as she went back and forth with Drew. While the two women had a rocky tension between them throughout the season, it was interesting to see both Kenya and Drew vocalize that they’d felt the other person had talked poorly about their respective marriages. In short, Kenya said that Drew made several disparaging comments about her estranged husband Marc Daly, and on the flip side, Drew said that Kenya crossed the line by commenting on her husband’s attractiveness.

Things got even more intense when during the recap of Drew’s storyline, she started crying as her eldest son’s relationship with his biological father came up. As she explained, she’d felt Kenya had additionally crossed a boundary by retweeting a post online which said the conversation Drew and Ralph had with the child (Josiah) about his biological father was “cringey.” As Drew pointed out, she was “disappointed” that Kenya would retweet something that was negative about such a vulnerable and touchy topic that her family had chosen to make public to showcase a very real situation that many other families go through — and she expressed being especially hurt since Kenya had made the comment about a scene where her child was involved. In her eyes, it was hypocritical of Kenya to think retweeting something not nice about her child reconnecting with his biological father would be okay, but then take offense with her (Drew) saying anything about all the issues she (Kenya) went through in her marriage with Marc on the show.

As a sidenote on Drew outside of her drama with Kenya, we finally got answers from Ralph about what he was doing in Tampa, Florida for those three days where he left him and Drew’s marital home without telling her beforehand that he was going or what he planned to do there. During his time in the hot seat at the reunion, the hubby explained that he’d genuinely needed some time to himself, and because of that, he’d spent the whole time in Tampa by the ocean, taking himself out to eat, and “running” to get some exercise and clear his mind. Shadily, Kandi Burruss pointed out that she didn’t understand why he needed to go all the way to Tampa to do those things when he could have gone to a number of different beaches that were closer to Atlanta. Relatedly, Andy highlighted that Tampa was one of the stripper capitals of the country, and Ralph denied that tidbit of information had any relation to why he chose to go there for his trip.

All things considered, part one of the reunion was reflective of the season as a whole — pretty much uneventful with petty disagreements being blown out of proportion for some drama. While Porsha, Drew, and even Andy (to an extent) tried to pin Kenya as the hypocritical and problematic villain, Kenya — in true form — stood her ground, issued apologies only if she genuinely felt the need to, and essentially displayed why she was sat in one of the two closest seats to the middle of the stage — the spots reserved for those who brought the most to the season have to most drama to unpack.

Just before the episode ended, LaToya Ali joined the ladies on stage and came in firing shots with her aim set on Drew. Hopefully, she’ll add some more spice to the following episodes of the reunion since we have two more parts left. If anything, we still have all of #Strippergate to hear about!

See some of the best tweets from last night’s episode down below.

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