Not YOU Again: 7 Celebs Who Can Make It Hard to Like Them

December 23, 2011  |  
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I know what you’re thinking–these celebs are so busy making money and making moves that they’re not worried about what you think about them. That may be true, but around here, it never hurts to keep it real when we feel like some of the biggest names out their speaking for black folks are doing too much or too little. There’s something about every person on this list that I can appreciate, however, there are many things about them that have come to turn me off, as well as a few other people (a lot of other people actually). Check them out and let us know who we forgot to add to the list:

Kobe Bryant

I’ve personally had a love-hate relationship with Kobe Bryant since he came into the NBA as a youngin’. In the past, his cocky attitude used to work my last nerves as a basketball player and b-ball enthusiast, not to mention the big sexual assault scandal in 2003 was just a shame. That really put a dent in his appeal (as well as in his wallet), and it didn’t help his man-code level when he tried to throw Shaq under the bus for cheating after he got caught. But I can never hate on Kobe’s abilities. He’s an amazing basketball player, and even at a time when he was worried about going to jail for having a random white woman screaming rape, he never let folks see him sweat on the court. As Dave Chappelle would say, Kobe was playing for his freedom!


I honestly put part of the blame on gossip websites and our own website for talking about any and every move this woman makes. While she is an incredible talent for sure, Beyoncé
is by far one of the most over-exposed artists out there. It’s hard for other women in the game to get any kind of shine without her coming out feeling the need to be seen and heard. It’s almost like every time Kelly Rowland wants to drop an album or perform on the BET Awards, here comes Bey trying to do the same thing. She might not actually be trying to upstage anyone, but their always seems to be a competitive odor in the air when she comes out of hiding…everyone needs a break from time to time B.


I used to be Usher’s biggest fan back when My Way dropped. To me, he was the next Michael Jackson, but a lot cuter. However, we’re a long way from My Way, and my once adoration for the singer has waned big time. He was fly all the way up to Confessions, but when he got married, hated on some of his fans for not supporting his marriage, got divorced and then tried to pull those fans back in, I received a phoney vibe from him. And making a song called “Papers” about his need to file for divorce from his woman, something that was sooooo disrespectful in my mind to his ex Tameka–the mother of his children–I was pretty much very tired of U-S-H-E-R.


How many people were rooting hardcore for Fanny when she was on American Idol? I know I was! She could sing, she had a beautiful personality, and seemed to have a good heart (she still does). Nowadays, I don’t know what’s happened. Maybe it is the whole dating a married man fiasco that has had an affect on my appreciation for her as a person and an artist. The fact that she tried to kill herself over it, profit from it by talking about it on every show and station, pretending to drop him on her reality TV show, and then getting back together and pregnant by him just put a bad taste in my mouth. Who were you really trying to fool Fanny?

Kanye West

You want to root for Kanye, you really do, but this guy can make it damn near impossible. From the rants about any and everything to dissing most of his past girlfriends and then playing like he’s sorry, you can get tired of the brotha really fast. If he could just focus at all times on making music and possibly making a name in the fashion game only, and save the side-neck comments for PR people, he could be one of the most appreciated artists out there. Instead, his fans have to fight for him at all times at every turn because he has no “act right.”

Shaunie O’Neal

I used to be a fan of Shaunie because even before Basketball Wives debuted, she was trying to do and be more than just Shaq’s wife, trying her hand at lifestyle and sports reporting. And after she pushed out five children by Shaq and he cheated on her big time, numerous times, I had to give her some props for moving forward with all of those little ones and never trying to diss him. While I would commend her for creating her own show and doing other big things, Basketball Wives is a disturbing mess that perpetuates way too many stereotypes and actually makes her look shady (remember the Tami and Evelyn fight from a while back?). She has tried to play like she has no control over how things are edited and writes letters saying she doesn’t want to make black women look bad, but then she makes more than one that does? You have to be kidding…

50 Cent

I’ve honestly always believed that no matter what they say or do to you, bullies never succeed. When 50 Cent came out, that’s what he was: a little known mixtape rapper who single-handedly destroyed the career of Ja Rule (who was on top at the time), dropped a colossal album and song (In Da Club), and overnight, became the biggest rapper out there. But somewhere between the debut of his first album and the three he has dropped since, he never pulled himself out of the bully character. He still goes after people, whether through song or on Twitter and at this point, it’s tired. He’s like the creep that always bothers you when you walk to the subway every morning. The less you time you offer him, the less you have to deal with him.

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