The Most Hated, Part Two: Celeb Women

January 5, 2012  |  
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The second, and final part of The Most Hated rundown focuses on our favorite female celebrities everyone loves to hate. As you might have suspected, it’s a lot more fun to hate on the ladies than the men. Why?

Because female celebrities get hated on for being. That’s it. They don’t need to do anything especially rude like Kanye, or cheat on their spouse like Tiger. All these ladies need do is show up to make enemies.And yes, most of the hate does come from women. Guys just sit back as it all unfolds. It’s kind of like how a strange girl walks into a room and becomes arch enemies with another girl already in the room. Men never understand what all the dirty looks are about, but if a cat fight needs to happen, he understands.

In part two of The Most Hated, we rundown the female celebs that getting the most dirty looks:

Kim Kardashian

What’s not to hate? She’s rich, beautiful, famous and has no talent to show for it. Few people even cared about her before she debuted in a Adult Videos video.

You could have done that too, but you probably wouldn’t. Kim is more adventurous than you–another reason to hate her.

Even if you did decide to Adult Videos out, you’re not sure you’d get anyone willing to pay a million dollars for the rights. And yet another reason to hate Kim Kardashian. They just keep coming.


Earlier this year, the walking Italian-American stereotype, Snooki, got paid $32,000 for an appearance at Rutgers University, an atrocious appropriation of parent’s tuition dollars if I’ve ever heard of one. Even the president of UNICO, an Italian-American interest group called the stocky start of Jersey Shore, “our worst ever export and [Snooki] is an embarrassment for Italian Americans and our whole country.”

Sarah Palin

You’d think with all of her accomplishments, Palin would be adored: she’s the first female Govenor of Alaska, first Alaskan on a national ticket and first female Republican nominee for Vice President.

The problem is, she comes off a lot better on paper than on a national stage in a race to the White House. In the handful of weeks she appeared on the 2008 election ticket, Palin surfaced everything that is wrong with the Republican party and made intelligent women everywhere cringe. It’s like they completely overlook her Miss Congeniality award in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Amber Rose

People like Amber Rose are the stuff of tabloid legend. More than anything, it’s the negative comments from hate-fans that remain a critical driving force for her continued fame and success.

Thanks to a short stint as Kanye’s arm candy, Rose entered the hearts and minds of millions of haters, and through an over-publicized relationship with yet another rapper and a new TV show, it’s likely she will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Nicki Minaj

Few people can legitimately tear down Nicki’s talent (not that haters need be rational) but she continually gets slammed by those who feel her image, stage antics and raunchy lyrics are unbecoming for the role model every female MC should be. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj is far from anyone’s role model.


Casey Anthony

What’s worse than a black man (O.J. Simpson) acquitted for killing a white woman (Nicole Brown)? A white woman (Casey Anthony) acquitted for killing her two-year old daughter (Caylee).

Casey Anthony generates so much hate and displeasure, it transcends racial boundaries and united black, white and and all colors of people in between.  Finally something we can all agree on.

According to E-Poll Celebrity Research, Casey Anthony is more hated than The Most Hated man, O.J. Simpson. Four days after baby Caylee drowned, Casey Anthony was out partying like Mardis Gras, even entering a “Hot Body” contest.

Authorities couldn’t prove malice on Anthony’s part, but after her six-week televised trial, public opinion held she is the worst kind of person. A mother unconcerned about the welfare of her child.


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