The Most Hated Pt. 1: Celeb Men

January 3, 2012  |  
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It was the diminutive dipset comedian-pimp, Katt Williams, who lauded that if you didn’t have enough haters in life, you are doing something wrong. “Any ladies out there with 14 haters, you need to figure out how to get to 16 before the Summer is over.”

It’s true, the more positive exposure a person gains, the more detractors she is able to acquire, by doing nothing extra.

But that’s not the case for the next lineup of celebrities, who are loved by many, and hated by just as many if not more. We love to hate on so many celebrities it only made sense to run them down across to lists of the The Most Hated Celebs, one for men, another for women.

And it isn’t (all) just for kicks.

Better you take out your bubbling resentment for others and frustrations on far off, fictitious, emblems of villainy than your kids, coworkers or SO.

Scream at the TV, instead of the cat. Write passive-aggressive letters to celebrities, rather than your roommate. Use a celebrity’s screwed up life to feel better about your own drama.

That’s right. Hating on celebrities is cheap therapy.

In part one of The Most Hated, we shake our heads at male celebs who rub millions the wrong way.

Tiger Woods

One day, Tiger Woods was a sweet, celebrity household name and the next, he became a vile sack of lying, cheating scum. He lost millions in endorsements, dropped by the likes of Gatorade, Gillete, Accenture and AT&T. “Friends” turned their back on him (under the scowl of their wives), and he was blasted in every major news outlet.

Apparently, Tiger’s crimes against our notions of decency were so great, the story of how he became a victim of brutal domestic violence didn’t get any sympathy.

Though judging by his Chevron Challenge win earlier this month, the wounds have healed and Tiger has all the signs of being back on top. Slowly but surely, married men everywhere are able to speak his name in public again.

Justin Bieber


Bieber may have a massive following of pubescent white girls fooled, but anyone older than 16 can’t wait for this kid to go away. He dodged the “bieber baby daddy” scandal, but it’s just a matter of time before he screws up his pretty boy angelic image worse than Lindsay Lohan did.

And what’s the deal with him angling to be the next white hip hop artist? The game has enough of those already. Thank goodness DJ Premiere shut him out of the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. The very notion is absurd. Just because you’re a “hot” 16 year old doesn’t mean you can drop a hot 16 bars. GTFOH!


Michael Vick

In 2007, Michael Vick plead guilty to charges stemming from his involvement in a dog-fighting circuit, perhaps thinking the punishment wouldn’t be that bad. He was wrong. They threw the book at a brother and opened the floodgates for anyone looking to hate a black man of his stature.

The way people get all riled up over hating Michael Vick, you’d think he was the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Lebron James

King James may be the most celebrated NBA-star since Jordan–for better or worse. Back when he played for Cleveland, his home town, James was exalted as a young, and very large, deity. Now that he’s with the Miami Heat, he still draws the crowds, though a significant portion of them come to boo and hiss.

Apparently following your dream-career in the NBA is okay, as long as the coaches, city and fans are behind your moves. Otherwise you draw the hate sports fans usually reserve for rival teams, in-laws and fits of racism.

Kanye West

Anyone with a deep seated desire to hate young, successful, black men find great satisfaction in all that is Kanye West. They hate that he’s so smug, and self-serving. They hate that he’s unappreciative for all his black wealth and his unflinching cockiness. Most of all, they hate that he’s so damned good at everything he says he is.

To top it all off, Yeezy simultaneously became America’s poster boy for douchebags and the meme of the century when he stole the mic from Taylor Swift. And I’m sure lots of folks want to put him in his place for having white servants at the beck and call of a table full of dark people.

Howard Stern

Self-proclaimed “king of all media,” Stern has made a career off of being a hated man. The shock jock has a significant number of fans that have always wanted him off the air, yet, can’t seem to stop tuning in to see what he’ll do next. It’s like the more you hate him, the more money he makes.

O.J. Simpson

Ex football star, O.J. Simpson, is hated by white people for being acquitted from murdering Nicole Brown, which most believe he did. On the other hand, he’s disgraced by black people, for reminding them that wealth and fame can be wasted on idiots like him. He’s rotting in federal prison right now, and not even his biracial children give a damn.

Either way you slice it, OJ’s not getting much love these days but even he’s not hated as much as the The Most Hated celebrity woman.

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