Women Who Stack More Money Than Their Men

December 23, 2011  |  
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For years I’ve been warning my male friends that women are going to win the gender wars that no official will admit exists (it’s a secret).

Slowly but surely, the Faction of She has been plotting to turn the odds back in her favor, rekindling an era when a Queens cunning, grace and power, trumped any Kings bravado, strength and intimidation.

Less than 50 years ago, employers could legally pay a woman less money for the exact same job. For decades after the Equal Pay Act, many employers found legal ways to do the same thing.

Though in 2010, TIME highlighted  a story based on a study about women under 30 who are making more money than their male counterparts. It’s been a long time coming…

Eventually, the more macho among us will rally and fight against the rising Faction of She, but by then it will be too late. Their cries for outrage will be outnumbered by women and her stay at home husbands, boy toys and sperm donors, men too evolved to fuss over who’s on top.

With this next group of ladies, there’s no questioning who’s on top, when it comes to stacks, and stacks, and stacks, of dough. This list of celebrities are quite used to making more money than their men:


Stedman Graham is the smartest man in America. All he does is run a modest educational company but gets to lavish in the wealth of the most influential black woman in the world. Plenty of guys can’t land a girl with a better credit score. Stedman landed the lady that be’s the credit score.


“I hear you be the block, but I’m the light that keeps the streets on,” the first line on Bey’s “Upgrade U” rather accurately describes her paper-stacking ability next to the richest rapper to ever live.

While not exactly “old money,” Jay-Z’s enormous fortune was well-established by the time his wife came along. Though Bey, in the prime of her career (which is still happening), routinely stacked several million dollars more than Hov from 2008 to 2010.

Not until this year this year did FORBES announce Jigga-man made 2 million dollars more than Bey. I think we all know why.

(It rhymes with she’s having a baby.)

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo’s marriage may be on the rocks, but she’s wasted very little time opening up a vacancy of muscular man-meat in her bed.  Her affair with yet another backup dancer, Casper Smart, has been widely publicized since she and Mark Anthony split.

Since then, Smart has been spotted jet setting with Jennifer on the private jet, playing with the kids on the beach over Thanksgiving, and shopping for jewelry. J-Lo even lets her boy toy drive the Bentley when she’s not around.

Nicki Minaj

Young Money’s queen has her boo, Safaree Samuels, on payroll as an assistant, meaning not only does she make more than him, but his entire income is dependent on her benevolence.

I’m all for putting a brother on, but with all the aggression-against-women headlines Samuels has been making, you start to wonder if she can afford a better lover.

Over the summer, Safaree allegedly smacked Nicki with a little suitcase, in October he allegedly shoved a maid out of Minaj’s home and very recently, he got into a twitter feud with, Cher, of all people.

Terry McMillan

Stella got he groove back, only to discover that her dance partner was dancing to a different tune. Terry McMillan was quite comfortable in her role as principle breadwinner, not to mention, sponsor.McMillan rescued her tropical fling from the mean streets of wooing wealthy American women and made him king of her castle. That is, until he came out of the closet.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams may not be the favorite tabloid personality of Hip Hop’s elite, but her rise as the “Queen of All Media” is admirable and an inspiration for many. She’s been married to Kevin Hunter since 1998 and he currently manages her career.


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