Wack Christmas Gifts Men Shouldn’t Buy You This Year

December 20, 2011  |  
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We’ve talked about cheap gifts you can give, alternatives to expensive gift swapping when you’re broker than a joker, and gifts for your man. And while all the information was nice, sweet and helpful, I think it’s time we talk about the gifts a sistah doesn’t want. Not to seem ungrateful, but the following things are gifts that men should try not to get their girlfriends and wives for the holidays. People tend not to get the memo even when they see that ugly sweater from last year in the back of your closet. So with that, here are a few things that you might want to tell your man straight up that you don’t want nor need.

Something the Gift-Giver Can Use More Than The Person Being Gifted

If you are living with your mate, this can include any cooking items you know you didn’t ask for, which can imply that your man thinks you need to do a little more cooking from time to time. Gifts that require work from a person to enjoy them (vacuums, pots and pans, etc) are just as wack as you can get. And don’t forget about the TV he is trying to pull out the box, plug in and watch before right after you have unwrapped it. Is that for me, or for you???


Oh yeah, and unless you’re talking about hooking a sister up with The Michael Jackson Experience, I think we can all agree that Playstation and XBox game systems probably weren’t at the top of your list to Santa. Nice try guys.

Lingerie That’s Too Small or Trashy

I used to work at Victoria Secret’s and around the holidays is when most good intentioned but clueless men come strolling in the store. Of course, they never have any idea of what their girlfriend’s size is, so they do that creepy thing where they compare customer and workers’ body types “mentally” to that of their lady. But of course, the lingerie they copped that they were hoping would get them laid usually winds up being a bit too small (trying to use that whole, always go smaller as a compliment tactic). The last thing a gal wants for a Christmas gift is some uber-scandalous lace draws that could give her a yeast infection. Do some research first!

Also, just because something seems hot in a guy’s mind doesn’t mean because you gifted your lady crotchless underwear she’s going to love them and wear them all the time. Trying to spice things up is fine, but sometimes the most see-through and out-in-the-open ish is not hot.

Same Ish From Last Year

Yay. More lotion. Another Love Spell spray. Whatever could you do without these smell-good staples? (sarcasm.) That probably makes the third bath and body gift set you’ve received in a year that will sit catching dust in your bathroom. Unless you need ANOTHER lotion in your purse or in your car for emergencies or just really love these types of items, I think it’s time to for the fellas to be a bit more creative. I don’t know about anybody else, but these sets always look like a last minute buy. How about at least buying your lady some actual perfume and saving the splashes for your little sister?



Something That is So NOT Your Taste

I once worked with a woman who said that while her man had the best intentions, he always managed to give her the worst gifts EVER. Case in point: a handmade Indian poncho that boyfriend bought from a woman working at an outdoor festival. Word? Not only was it too big, but it was so NOT cute that she leaves it in the back of her car as a cover if her car ever breaks down in cold weather. Anything with a whole lot of fake fur, too short, too shiny, too plastic-y–basically anything that doesn’t look like something that fits in your closet–is not and should not be the go-to Christmas gift.

Anything Exercise Related That’s Not a Couple’s Thing

Maybe a man could get away with giving his woman some yoga classes if she ever expressed interest in trying them out, but giving a certificate for a group of boot camp, Zumba, personal training and other hardcore fat-burning sessions might be his un-slick way of hinting that your waist is spreading. And unless a guy is encouraging you to take the classes together, gifts like these are probably going to get someone’s feelings hurt…I’m just saying.

Though it’s the thought the counts, what’s the worst or most random Christmas gift you have received?

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