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how to choose godparents for your child

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Not everyone thinks about the true purpose of a godparent when choosing one for their children. Selecting godparents can get wrapped up in all of the other traditions and excitement of bringing a kid into the world, like the baby shower, choosing middle names, decorating the nursery, and things like that. When it comes time to select godparents, it just feels fun. The focus can be on your friendship with the individuals you name the godparents, more than on the actual function you’re asking them to have in your child’s life. But, traditionally, godparents have some pretty big responsibilities. Your child’s godparents may never need to step in and perform their duties, but if they do, you want to make sure you chose the right ones.

The idea of the godparent didn’t originally have anything to do with a baby, per se. In early Christian history, if someone wanted to join the church, they’d ask a current member to vouch for them and guide them in the practices of joining said church. That guide was the godparent. It still has similar implications, since, traditionally, a godparent is to provide a sort of spiritual mentorship to a child. Even non-religious individuals might ask a godparent to keep an eye on their kid And, of course, there are legal implications should anything happen to the parents, if the biological parents named the godparents the guardians. In that case, the godparent becomes the acting parent. Whether you’re still living or not, your kid’s godparent has a lot of responsibilities. Here are things to think about before selecting one.

how to choose godparents for your child

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Will they be the guardians?

There is a common misunderstanding that whomever you name the godparents of your children will automatically become the guardians of your children in the event of your death. That is only true if you specifically name them the guardians in your will. Otherwise, the godparents are just to see to the moral and spiritual development of your child – nothing more. On that note, if they aren’t the guardians, you may want to give some thought to whom that will be.

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