Game Over: The Scoreboard Of How Kobe Fouls Out With Wife

December 17, 2011  |  
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The last six months haven’t been kind to Kobe. First, the Lakers don’t make it to the championship and just earlier this week, they lose a huge chance to obtain Chris Paul. And now, it appears Kobe and Vanessa have called it quits.  We all read the breaking news on TMZ, right?  So let’s see here: Two children? Check. Married in the state of California? Check.  Married longer than 10 years (they married in April 2001 so that’s about 10 years and 8 months)? Check.  It sounds like Vanessa is possibly up for long-term spousal support. Oh and lest we forget that Vanessa didn’t sign a pre-nup which might mean an even bigger payday.  This announcement has sent many into a sort of frenzy. While the dissolution of a marriage is a sad situation, this one always had a few layers.  Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

In The Beginning (1st Quarter)

When these two met in 1999, Kobe was 21 and his career was blowing up while Vanessa, 17 at the time, was doing a little stint as a…video chick (she was in The Eastsidaz’ video for “G’ed Up”).  They were married in 2001 much to his parents’ dismay because they thought Kobe and Vanessa were too young. It probably also had something to do with Kobe being a nose wide open kid who didn’t have his wife sign a pre-nup. As a matter of fact, Kobe and the ‘rents weren’t on the best terms for quite some time because of the marriage; but, all was patched up and so they kept it moving.

Baby Love (2nd Quarter)

Now, some would say that Vanessa knew what she was doing as soon as she met him. I don’t know if that’s true but assuming that she always had a plan, what’s the natural next step for someone who has snagged a baller? Of COURSE, have a baby!! In 2003, Natalia was born and three years later, her little sister Gianna came along. As Kobe and Vanessa continued along in their union, she gained the nickname “Ice Queen” because people rarely saw her smile. And why would she? Keep the game face on, let the people know you are about that business – one of the “First Ladies” of the Lakers franchise – and not to be fooled with…

Caught Out There (3rd Quarter)

…yeah, or maybe it had to do with Kobe’s lame, cheating self.  Soon after the birth of their first child, Kobe was caught up in a rape scandal. A 19 year old girl (he likes them just barely legal, huh) in Colorado accused Kobe of raping her. While Kobe denied raping her and the assault charge being dropped since the girl refused to testify, he did admit to having sex with her saying he believed it to be consensual.  So the “Ice Queen,” I’m sure had been dealing with a lot from him already and that was likely her game face for a reason.

Bling Bling (4th Quarter)

Then came the “material” apology.  Kobe went out and bout Vanessa an 8 carat, $4 million purple diamond ring.  Oh, this news was everywhere and Kobe was called…well, a sucker amongst men and women.  As I can recall, it wasn’t because he bought her a gift to show he was sorry – many of us non-wealthy people do that as a token of our forgiveness. No, it was the fact that many deemed it to be very gaudy and tacky that the world knew about it. I’m not sure that Kobe could have avoided it but I definitely don’t think Vanessa should have NOT worn it. He surely isn’t getting that back in the divorce unless Vanessa threw back at him while at the house in the midst of a late night argument while telling him she was sick of him and his mess (just picture it). A gift is a gift!

Keeping Up Appearances (Overtime)

But Vanessa, ever the faithful wife (well, to our knowledge – you never know what V was getting into behind the scenes), was always by Kobe’s side at every game. If there was movie premiere or an appearance to be made, Vanessa was right there – sometimes with the girls – in all of her “fashionista” glory.  She stuck by him after the public affair, possible affairs we don’t know about and the losing and regaining of endorsements.

End of an Era (Game Over)

Here we are, 10.5 years of marriage and two children later, the marriage is over. According to their reps, this won’t be the messy divorce some of you sleuths would like it to be. There will be none of that it seems because this didn’t take anyone by surprise.  All financial dealings have been taken care of already and all this needs is a gavel pounding by a judge to dissolve the marriage. Vanessa Bryant filed papers on December 1st and Kobe signed on the 7th (they have GREAT reps though because this all happened over a week ago and we’re just finding out).

I’ve made light over this but in all seriousness, I hope their children will be okay because it has got to be hard not only finding out your parents will no longer be together but it is also right before the Christmas holidays.  They’re old enough for other kids to be mean to them and that’s not cool. All the best to the Bryants.


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