Kamala Harris And Rachel Maddow Couldn’t Stop Clowning Mike Pence Over The Infamous Fly That Landed On His Head

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Kamala Harris and Rachel Maddow

Source: “The Rachel Maddow Show” / MSNBC

A week after the first and only vice presidential debate, and folks are still laughing at the pure irony of the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head.

With all the memes and references, many of us wanted to know if Senator Kamala Harris was able to see the insect even though they were seated 12 feet away from one another due to COVID-19 restrictions, especially because ‘rona was running rampant through the hallways of the White House.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow decided to dive into the petty pool, by directly asking Harris at the end of their interview during Wednesday’s episode.

“I just realize that I would kick myself if I didn’t ask you before I let you go if you noticed the fly on Vice President Pence’s head or if that was something only—we could see it at home, could you see it sitting next to him?” Maddow asked before bursting into laughter.

Harris, responded by holding in her laugh while shaking her head “yes.”

Did you have feelings about, did you have an instinct to–” she asked while making a swatting gesture.

“I think that it’s important that we kind of find a way, all of us, to move on and you know kind of fly away from this subject on to something else,” she responded in a burst of laughter.

The two also discussed the viral topic of NBC hosting a town hall on Thursday with President Trump at the same time as Joe Biden’s town hall event on ABC. Last week the second presidential debate scheduled to take place on Thursday, was cancelled after Trump refused to adhere to the new debate format, resulting from his positive coronavirus diagnosis.

At first Harris attempted to maneuver out of answering the question by saying she wasn’t going to comment on NBC’s decision to hold a dueling event.

“I’m not going to tell the networks what to do, but I can tell you that I know who I’ll be watching, so there you go,” Harris said.


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