7 Parts Of Your Life Your Relationship Could Be Ruining

December 21, 2011  |  
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A relationship can be an empowering and supportive component in your life. It can motivate you to take on challenges you’ve always wanted to, it can give you comfort when things don’t go the way you had hoped, it can give you confidence in every other area of your life. That is what a good relationship should be. But, if we get too entangled in our relationships—if we let them blind us to the other parts of our lives—they can end up sabotaging these:


Your figure

All you want to do when you get off work is rush home to your honey to cuddle. Forget about the gym you just joined. Also, you love to cook together. So you’re constantly making elaborate meals. Or, you’re foodies in another way, and you try every restaurant you possibly can. And suddenly, you’ve gone up a few pant sizes.

Your sense of fashion

There are a lot of things about fashion that men just don’t get. High wasted pants. Giant feather earrings. If it gets too out there, most men don’t like it. But fashion is one of your biggest joys! You love shopping for funky finds! But you stop pulling out all the stops like you used to when you got dressed, because you’re worried your man will think you look weird. Also, you have less motivation to impress strangers or potentials with your gear.

Your friendships

You schedule everything around your man. You only call up your friends at 10 pm when you realize there is absolutely no chance of seeing your man that night. And your friends can sense it. And if you say “I have to see what my boyfriend is doing that night” one more time when they invite you to do something, they’re going to stop inviting you all together.

Your career

You become so content making dinner, watching a movie and going to bed with your man every night, that you stop putting aside those nights you once promised yourself you’d put aside for applying to that better job you want, or developing the website for the company you hope to start. The greatest career moves happen after hours, and now you’re spending those hours with your boyfriend.

Your family ties

You are so protective of your relationship that you don’t want to listen to any of your family’s advice. If you can tell that there is just one thing your mom doesn’t like about your man, you start answering her calls less because you can’t stand to hear that certain tone of voice she uses when she brings him up.

Your sense of adventure

When you were single, you would wake up and look up things happening in your city that day. Or, you would crave getting out of the city and take a drive to a nearby town. Now that you have a boyfriend, you both wake up, take it easy, maybe get breakfast at noon, and are just contented to be with each other. But you give up so many experiences by doing this! Suggest you and your man do something interesting and new as much as possible.

Your cool

Nothing can make you lose your cool like when your boyfriend takes too long to respond to your text, or when he doesn’t call for two whole days, or when he chooses to go to Las Vegas with his friends instead of the romantic spa weekend you had planned for the two of you. You can go nuts. You can start checking his Facebook obsessively. You can become attached to your phone. You can pick fights you didn’t mean to.

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