Can Professionalism Truly Outweigh Human Nature? Pondering On-Set Celebrity Hook-Ups

December 13, 2011  |  

Pitt unfortunately was not strong enough to resist his feeling for a woman he had to work long hours with for months at a time. Not to mention the intense love scenes that came along with the job. I don’t think that one day on a set with Angelina could have allowed Pitt to leave his wife. I believe it was the consistency and time spent with one another that made it easier to cultivate a romantic relationship that could have initially been unintentional. We hear of many actors who end up dating shortly after working on a film together. Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams became a couple right after their movie “The Notebook”. If you remember, the film was a highly romantic one. It’s one of the most beautiful love stories of our time. Ryan and Racheal apparently fell in love because of the closeness portrayed by their characters. Spending that much time with the opposite sex in an environment of constant love has to affect the human mind and body in some way, shape or form. Even if it’s a brief attraction that you must push to the back of your mind.

On the other hand it could be completely possible that actors can be just as professional as a male gynecologist who is simply doing his job. Of course a doctor isn’t being intimate with his patients as some actors have to be with their co stars but he is focusing on the opposite’s sex most intimate parts. This of course is done with a great level of professionalism as well. It could be quite possible for an actor to just be acting at all times without allowing feelings of lust and attraction to overcome him.

Denzel Washington has been married to his wife Pauletta Washington for many, many years. He has done movies with some of Hollywood’s most attractive actresses. I’m sure he has naturally been attracted to some of them. Has he been able to maintain his fidelity because of the love for his wife or has it been that he just hasn’t worked with someone worth ruining his marriage? Sure there’s always a chance our husband or wife could leave us for someone else but clearly certain situations and circumstances can make that harder or easier. Even a woman with all the confidence in the world can become a tiny bit insecure at the idea of her man having to interact with beautiful women on a daily and constant basis. Not to mention having to kiss, hold and hug these women. So what do you think ladies? Could you handle your man being an actor? Can professionalism TRULY conquer attraction and chemistry?


Quierra is the co-author of “The Mean Girls Handbook of Etitiquette” slated to hit shelves 2012. She was also the lead singer of the girl group Isyss. She has a great passion to inspire women all over the world to love themselves and to stay strong and true to themselves in love and in life.

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