Natural Ways To Have A Bug-Free Home

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common lawn bug problems

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I understand that bugs are part of nature, they’re beautiful, and that earth is their home, too. But your home – what’s inside your walls and roof, and even what’s in your yard – is not their home. Sorry critters! If you have children or pets, you don’t want them picking up and trying to eat bugs, which you know they will. You don’t want insects biting or stinging your little ones, or you. You don’t want to find bugs in your food and in your bed. But they have no respect for the “no trespassing” sign posted on your fence. And they won’t ring the doorbell and ask for permission to come in. They’ll just find every opening they can, and push their way in. Once in they can destroy food and clothes and even furniture. They can build nests and lay eggs, quickly multiplying. You may be a nature lover, but you don’t want your home to be hospitable to bugs. You may also be opposed to having some professional come around and spray heavy chemicals all over your home – especially if you have kiddos or pets who crawl around on the floor and lick anything they find. Luckily, there are natural ways to keep your home bug-free. Or at least mostly bug-free since those rascals always seem to find a way.

common lawn bug problems

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Seal doors and windows

Adding weather stripping to door frames and window frames will not only improve insulation, keeping cold air in when you run your AC and keeping warm air in when you run your heater, but it will also help keep bugs out. Considering the tiny size of these pests, they don’t need much of an opening to get inside.

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