How This Pandemic Is Challenging Your Mental Health

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life during a pandemic

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I’m fortunate enough to be a happy person. Chemically, that’s how I’m built. I think I got it from my dad, who is quick to laugh, gets an idea and goes for it, and loves to have a good time. I’ll also say I did some personal work to get that way. But, at this point, I’m pretty rock solid, and even I have felt this…thing…creeping into my psyche lately. I don’t quite recognize it. I’m not sure if it’s depression or anxiety or a slightly-later-than-quarter-life crisis. I don’t have quite the same pep in my step that I usually do. I was about to dive deep into analyzing myself and why this could be going on when I remembered oh yeah there’s a freaking pandemic going on! Almost everyone is feeling what I’m feeling. If anything, I’m fortunate that I’m only feeling it a little bit. Our brains have been trained to operate and react in the old world. Well, I don’t want to say old, as that implies it isn’t coming back, but you know what I mean. The way we think, what we allow ourselves to hope for and expect, and generally how we perceive the world – we learned it all when there was no pandemic. And now, much of the way we think doesn’t work in this current reality. Here are ways your mental health is being tested right now.

life during a pandemic

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Your whereabouts are limited

Even if you don’t necessarily want to or have time to travel the world every day, just knowing that your choices in destinations is limited is hard on your psyche. We all have this awareness now that, if we wanted to suddenly, say, go to Hawaii or another country or visit a friend across the country, we probably couldn’t. We feel our geographical options have shrunk.

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