Awkward Social Moments COVID-19 Created

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You would think that the one thing we’d be spared during this pandemic would be awkward social interactions since many of us are having so few social interactions at all. But, we don’t need to be going to bars, parties, and office spaces to have those weird run-ins where we put our foot in our mouth or realize we just don’t see eye-to-eye with somebody. In fact, with many feeling so strongly about this pandemic – I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve had just about the simple topic of masks – the situation is ripe for social strife. We’re living in a new normal. It’s only a temporary normal, hopefully, but the rules have shifted and are here to stay long enough such that there are some growing pains happening. I honestly just hope too many friendships aren’t ruined, all over coronavirus-related arguments, seeing as the situation is only fleeting. But, we can’t forget what’s said and done during this time, and even if, hopefully, it’ll all just…go away one day…the arguments, stress, and drama we experience during this time will stay with us to some extent. And on that note, here are some awkward social moments the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.


Not having a mask = not having an ID

Forgetting to bring your mask is the new forgetting to bring your ID. You could go with a friend or loved one to dine outdoors at a restaurant, but you need to wear a mask to be seated and to be on the property. If you forget your mask, then the entire group has to turn around, and leave, and either wait for you to retrieve a mask, or just cancel the whole evening. You ruin the night for everyone.

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