Life Skills COVID-19 Has Forced Us To Learn

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covid-19 pandemic article

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I’m not saying I’ve become an expert at any new skill during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the lockdown has forced me to finally handle some things, on my own, that I always paid someone else to do before. It’s left me feeling a bit more self-sufficient, and a little silly for spending so much money on having someone else do these things for me in the past. Of course, there will be some things I return to paying someone else to do, eventually, when it’s safe. I want to help stimulate the economy, and some things just take me so long, because I am no expert, that I nearly lose money doing them myself. I’d be better off letting someone else, for example, groom my poodle while I do my own work –what I’m actually good at. Some jobs are better left to the professionals, but it’s nice to know that, in a pinch (or a pandemic) you could do certain things, on your own. Or, if your finances become tight, it’s especially nice to know that you can save hundreds of dollars a month doing certain frequent tasks yourself. Here are skills this pandemic has forced us to learn.

covid-19 pandemic article

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Home deep cleaning

I would always do some light cleaning throughout the month. Some sweeping. Windexing really grimy mirrors. A bit of vacuuming if a rug looked particularly bad. But I would leave the deep cleaning to the professionals. Now I’ve just had to learn how to get into those crevices of my home, and how to make my own cleaning solutions to lift stubborn stains from toilets and bathtubs and the grates in my stove.

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