Why Women Aren’t Getting Investor’s Dollars

December 12, 2011  |  

By Charlotte Young

For entrepreneurs in the US today, both men and women have an equal shot at creating startups when and how they please. But in the tech world, investors are still giving the money to men, and women don’t seem to mind. According to writer and founder of Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk, women know what they want, and it’s not a business start-up.

When it comes to offering financial support, venture capitalists not only market to women, they go out of their way to do so. But women aren’t making sales pitches. It’s all about personal choice and women know exactly how to make them. Around the nation you will find that women outnumber men at many schools, and academically they’re also outperforming men. After graduation, women are more likely to earn more than men in their 20s.

Billionaire and venture capitalist Peter Thiel advices women that the best age for them to start a company is from 20-25, but it seems that most women don’t care to take this advice. The academic and professional gender ratio starts to shift as women reach their 30s. But why? It seems that as women start their families, they make the choice to take care of their children instead of create a startup business, especially in the lucrative tech business.

In choosing family over careers and business ventures, Trunk finds that the decision isn’t weighing heavily on a woman’s contentment. According to her, women are happiest around age 28. This leads one to believe that most women aren’t  regretting the fact that they didn’t take that business opportunity. She finds that in contrast, men are most unhappy at 28, perhaps it’s because they’re so worried about their new business startup.

While Facebook Executive, Sheryl Sanberg recommends that women “lean into their careers, ” Trunk doubts that many women would want the busy, stressful life that Sandberg has in addition to two young kids and a husband.

Women have spoken. And what they want is not funding or start up opportunities. Pew Research finds that most women with children want part time jobs as opposed to stay at home full time or working full time. They also want jobs with flexible hours. For the women that do want to start their own business, Trunk relays that women are starting business at high rates without the help of venture capitalists.

So for women wondering pondering whether or not they made the right decision to delay that business start up, you were probably right. As they say, a woman knows best.

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