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Aryn Smiley

Source: Rickey Smiley Morning Show / Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Aryn shared that she and her boyfriend were celebrating her 19th birthday and going out to get something to eat. The couple were waiting at a red light when a car pulled up on the other side of the car next to them. They were shooting at the car in the middle but according to Aryn, their aim wasn’t “top tier” and they ended up hitting her car instead.

Aryn said that she didn’t that she didn’t immediately recognize that she had been hit.

“You want me to be honest dad? I thought that they were shooting fireworks. When they got out the car, I didn’t register that they were about to start shooting. I thought these are some dumb kids who are about to place fireworks on the ground because you know, day after fourth of July and kids do really stupid things.

I thought that when it went through the car, I just got burned. Because it was hot and it was quick. And I didn’t realized until [her boyfriend] looked at me and he said, ‘Why aren’t you reacting to this? Babe, you have a bullet in your leg.’ I looked down and I’m like gushing blood. I didn’t know I had been shot in my left leg because it went straight through. The bullet only stayed in my right leg.”

Aryn said naturally her boyfriend started freaking out. Luckily the two of them were able to recognize that they needed to get to a hospital. And thankfully, there was one five minutes away.

“I blacked out for maybe five minutes. He had to pick me up and carry me in. I remember seeing the blood and it all just went dark. And then I woke up on a table.”

Aryn shared that she lost five pints of blood and had to have a transfusion.

The interview ended with Aryn offering some words on how she’s been able to remain so positive through all of this.

“I think He definitely saved me from much worse. They were using hollow tip rifle made bullets. Those are the kind of bullets that are made to go through anything. That’s how they got through the metal of the car. The only bullet that would have hit me right in the head, was not a rifle or a tip bullet. Everyone keeps saying how are you so positive? I could literally be dead right now. If that one bullet had gone through, it would have made all the difference. I am so thankful. He was definitely there protecting me there that night.”


Since the interview, Aryn had been released from the hospital and is using a walker to move around.


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