Relationship Habits That Cost You Your Friendships

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Learning how to balance your romantic relationship and your friendships is a very important skill, but one that very few people have. So many people spend so much time looking for that special someone, that when they find them, they are so hyper-focused on that relationship that they abandon all the others. Most of them don’t know that they do this, but some do and just think that their friends will understand – that that’s just what happens when you get into a romantic relationship. But that’s not what should happen. Your life can’t be all about your romantic partner, all the time. If it is, neither you nor him will wind up very happy. If you don’t nurture your friendships, you’ll lose them, and then you may resent your partner. You may become clingy because he’s now the only person you have to hang out with. You may even lose some of your personality because having an active social life was a big part of who you were so now, your partner doesn’t even get the real you. And friendships are very hard to come by. If you mistreat friends, they can go away, and never come back. Once you break that trust and show them that you might just bounce when a boyfriend comes along, they may not give you a second chance. Here are relationship habits that cause you to lose friendships.


Giving them 2nd dibs on your calendar

When friends ask if you want to hang out on a day when you are certainly free, you say, “Let me first make sure my boyfriend didn’t want to do anything on that day.” I understand that sometimes, very busy couples who rarely have time for date night need to make that choice and prioritize each other. But if you always give your friends second dibs to your social calendar, they’ll just stop asking to see you.

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