“I Hope People Don’t Give Up On Them.” Jay Ellis Shares His Thoughts On Issa And Lawrence’s Relationship

June 25, 2020  |  

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Some of us are still processing what happened on the season 4 finale of “Insecure.”

For those of you who haven’t watched, go ahead and head out.

Now, those who watched and are still wondering what the hell happened, you’re not alone. The age old question of whether Issa and Lawrence need to be together got very convoluted now that Lawrence’s ex, Condola has shared that she’s expecting his child.

Whew chillay.

Recently during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nischelle Turner interviewed Jay Ellis about his reaction to Condola’s pregnancy and his hopes on Lawrence and Issa’s relationship.

Is Lawrence a good guy or is he ‘that guy’?

I think Lawrence is a good guy. I do, I really believe that. I think that Lawrence has made some bad decisions and those seeds have now grown into full-grown trees and the fruit is here. It’s harvest time. I think for this season, Lawrence has been more thoughtful about his decision making process. I think he realizes that he has made decisions in the past that he didn’t even think about the repercussions of. And I think now he’s thought about that more.

Somewhere between episode 4 and episode 8, I think he obviously saw Condola somewhere along the way. And one or two things happened and…He made a decision that is now coming back to be a part of his life forever.

When you read the script and had to tell [Issa] that Condola is pregnant? How did you react?

I didn’t read that script until the table read. Usually we get the scripts the night before the table read. And because I was prepping to direct my episode, I had prep work that I had to do that next day and I had to act the next day on episode 9. So I didn’t read episode ten until we did the table read. We were on location. It was full [of people from HBO.] It was 70-80 people in this room.

I remember Condola saying I’m pregnant and I—Jay—could not say Lawrence’s line because I was like [gasps with his hand over his mouth.] The whole room looks at me but I’m so shocked that this is what she’s saying. I will never forget that. My mind exploded all over the room. I couldn’t believe it.

Lawrence as a dad.

Lawrence and Condola have to figure out how they’re going to raise this child, how they’re going to co-parent. So that’s going to be interesting. I do kind of laugh at Lawrence changing a diaper, getting up in the middle of the night to feed a baby, not knowing how to entertain a baby. And I also wonder what those moments look like if he and Issa are still together. And then also wonder what those moments look like with Issa sitting next to him.

Is it ok for fans to still root for Lawrence and Issa or should we just move it on?

It is one of our great love stories. I do believe that. I hope they make it work. I hope people don’t give up on them because of this. But I think love, just in general, is a bigger thing than that. Everything is about how you handle it and the conversation, being honest and vulnerable with each other. So I hope that people will at least give them the benefit of the doubt and let them figure out what is best for them.

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