Family Feud: Celebrity ‘Blood’ Battles

December 10, 2011  |  
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It’s one thing for non-celebs like me to have a “tiff” with a family member and get through it…or not. But when you’re famous, the history of the feud will live on. Now, no one is jumping for joy over family members’ anger towards each other but some famous family members have made the headlines over their troubles.

Check out the stars who had some family drama to say the least….

Christina & Joan Crawford

I certainly couldn’t start this off without mentioning two of the people who may have single handedly started putting their “famous family business” in the street.  Back in the 70s, Christina Crawford released a tell-all book about her mother, actress Joan Crawford, in which she let it all hang out. “Mommie Dearest,” which was later turned into a movie, described Joan as being very abusive and much like a military sergeant. Most people can quote lines from the movie and I’m sure Joan was embarrassed so there was lno surprise when she removed her children from her will.

Randy & Jermaine Jackson

Just follow me: Randy was with Alejandra for about 25 years and they have two children together, Genevieve and Randy, Jr. When they broke up, Alejandra MARRIED Jermaine and had two children, Jaffar and Jermajesty, with him.  Yeah soooo…there’s beef with them.  I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Beyonce & Matthew Knowles

You know, I’m kind of sad about how this seems to be playing out but Matthew appears to be messy and so he should be dealt with. Daddy Knowles had been having some other issues already since having had a child with another woman and also divorcing Tina Knowles after more than 20 years of marriage. But then, Beyonce fired him as her manager stating that she needed to take her career into her own hands. What’s worse is that after an audit, there are allegedly some funds missing from the Queen Bey fund. Firing back, Matthew has Live Nation for such accusations and says that Bey has the wrong people in her ear. Remember the song, “Daddy” which was a tribute to him? Sad…

Tori & Candy Spelling

We all know Aaron Spelling had a mothership of money due to the success of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place but when he died in 2006 that was when the real drama started. His famous daughter said that she hadn’t seen her father for months prior to his death and that her mother hadn’t even been updating her on his health. Candy said her daughter’s words were evil and mean-spirited.  The back and forth continued in the press, Candy sold the Spelling compound they’d lived in for 15 years and Tori had decided to not let Candy spend time with her grandchildren.   It took a few years but in 2009, it seemed they were on the road to repairing their relationship.

Teddy & Taja Riley (left)

Why is it that when you haven’t heard from a celebrity in awhile, when you do it is because they’re in some mess?  That’s what happened with good ol’ Teddy Riley. One random winter day in 2009, Teddy’s daughter Taja began tweeting that her father beat up her and her older sister with the guitar from the Rockband video game. *blank stare* Teddy fired shots back saying that they were being disrespectful and he will not tolerate that type of disrespect, especially when they aren’t children (by age) anymore.  He asked them to leave and they wouldn’t so things did get a little tense in the house.  They were supposed to go to court last year so hopefully, they’ve patched things up.

Lindsay & Michael Lohan

These two…? I just don’t know – I want to attribute most of this to their past (and possibly, present) addiction problems.  They have also gone back and forth with each other via the press on more occasions than one.  Lindsay has said that Michael abused her, her sisters and brothers and their mom, Dina (who is another story for another day) and Michael has responded in the past by threatening Lindsay if she didn’t shut up. Further, Michael has always felt the need to speak publicly about his child’s problems instead of keeping them as private as possible (meaning, if the public finds out, it is just through rumors – not through your own father). Every now and then they make up but it always seems to fall apart again.

Keyshia Cole, Neffe & Frankie

Not that we didn’t see this coming but after the success of all these ladies’ reality shows, Keyshia Cole kicked her family to the curb. She found love with NBA player Boobie Gibson and wanted peace and serenity with her new family – that meant moving forward without her mom and sister in her life.  I kind of see where she’s coming from but I also find it interesting that after you make your money off of them, you no longer need them.  Now that they found their own fame and you became the afterthought, you need peace and serenity. I’m just sayin…


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