It’s Uncomfortable Being Recognized For Loving Your Child: Gabrielle Union Talks Parenting Choices, Dwyane’s New Red Hair & More

May 29, 2020  |  

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Gabrielle Union’s name is all up in the headlines for several reasons. She’s been detailing her experiences while working on “America’s Got Talent,” their decision to embrace daughter Zaya’s trans identity is always a topic of conversation, and she recently released a children’s book Welcome To The Party, about the birth of her daughter Kaavia.

To discuss some of this and more, Union appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show.

First she addressed the criticism she received for the first picture she shared of her daughter when she placed her skin to skin shortly after her birth.

Sometimes you’re faced with that moment of, do I educate with my words or do I go for the jugular? I have to make those decisions every day and some days are better than others. But in that case, you have to help people understand that this isn’t just my journey. That skin to skin is an option — and all the benefits of skin to skin. Whether you have given birth and you want to do skin to skin, whether you have used a gestational carrier the way we did — a surrogate — you’ve adopted, that skin to skin can be a part of your journey if you want it to be. Giving people that information. For me, there’s no point of me having gone through so many things where I felt so painfully alone and misunderstood, if at the end of that I’m not going to share and offer community, understanding and some visibility. And that’s just basic. That’s the least you can do.”

When it comes to their other daughter, Union says while there has been their fair share of criticism, people have applauded the way she and Dwyane have embraced their daughter Zaya’s trans identity. Union said it’s strange to be celebrated for simply loving a child.

It still feels uncomfortable getting any kind of recognition for loving your child and accepting your child exactly as they are. What we are really also clear on is that for a lot of people, perhaps they actually need to see what it looks like for a family to show that  love and show that acceptance and not let outside noise dictate how you love and embrace your children. It is never an option to consider your children as disposable and for too many young people, and older ones, in the LGBTQ+ community, a lot of their families, employers, feel like they are disposable. We are showing you, this is what love and support looks like while we take the time to educate ourselves so we know how to best provide resources and community and better love and accept not only our child, but the whole community. It’s not hard to love your child. It’s not hard to unlearn problematic behavior.” 

Lastly, she addressed D. Wade’s new hair style, which also had a couple of tongues wagging. When Tamron asked if it was her idea, Union said nope.

“I’m super conservative for the most part when it comes to color. It scares me. But not my husband. D — I don’t know if he saw ‘The Last Dance’ and saw Rodman and was like ‘he gets me,’ cause the next thing I know it was like blonde and then it was kinda like pinkish and then it went red. And then Zaya was like ‘Yes! You get me.’ And Zaya has pink hair and they are just happy as clams and I’m like it’s just hair. It’s quarantine. If not now then when?”



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