Minnesota State Police Just Blatantly Lied About Why They Arrested A Black Reporter On Live Television

May 29, 2020  |  

Omar Jiminez arrest

Source: screenshot / Getty

Omar Jimenez, a respected CNN correspondent, was arrested on national television on Friday morning during the Minneapolis uprising, while he and his team were doing their due diligence of reporting.

The unrest in Minneapolis is directly correlated to Black fatigue and the exasperation the community feels that the four officers who were involved in George Floyd’s have yet to face arrest.

Jimenez was speaking on air live when he was approached by a group of Minnesota State police who were called to the scene as the nights in Minneapolis become more engulfed with pain and despair. On Thursday demonstrators reportedly burned down the city’s Third Precinct, the same precinct the officers  involved in Floyd’s death reported to.

As Jimenez calmly explains to police why he and his team were in the area after being asked to clear the area, he is handcuffed and taken into custody, while his producer, Bill Kirkos, and cameraman, Leonel Mendez, faced the same fate.

His colleagues at CNN, anchors John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, watched in astonishment, baffled at the fact that Jimenez and his team’s First Amendment rights were clearly violated. But for many of us who face racial oppression everyday, we knew exactly what was happening, and why Jimenez, who is Afro-Latino, was approached first out of the group.

CNN President Jeff Zucker immediately reached out to Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz, who condemned the arrests. The group has since been released, but as Twitter caught up to the story, the Minnesota State Police tried to regain the narrative by falsely tweeting that Jimenez and his team were arrested because they didn’t identify themselves.

CNN’s communication account promptly debunked the Minnesota State Police’s report because the whole country saw it with their own two eyes.

In the wake of it all, a second CNN reporter, Josh Campbell, who is white says he was yards away from Jimenez, but yet was able to move about freely.

Prior to his arrest, Jimenez tweeted the following on Thursday night as he surveyed the uprising:

The job of journalism to remain as the fourth wall of democracy remains crucial in these times, especially for Black reporters and reporters of color who are inundated with images of death from people who look like them and their loved ones. Jimenez’s calm demeanor was laudable, but it goes to show that respectability will not save racist oppression. And we should begin to restrain ourselves in identifying respectability as a saving grace, especially in these chaotic times.



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