Dirty Quarantine Secrets We’re All Keeping

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If you are quarantined alone, you may have learned a lot about yourself in these past couple of months. Some things you were glad to discover, like how if you really put your mind to it you can learn how to knit a hat or speak Mandarin. Some things you figured, like that you can definitely still sleep until noon if given the option and can very much eat mac ‘n cheese for six meals straight without getting sick of it. And some things you were a little alarmed to learn. I don’t think anyone has spent this much time alone in a very long time. Even those who have always lived alone have had the solitude broken up by going to work, going to the gym, going shopping, going to parties, having friends over, going out for drinks, and things like that. Now, there’s none of that. I think we all went through the phase of trying to be very productive for a couple of weeks, and get to those projects we’ve been postponing. Then there was the phase of trying new things, a-la learning a new language or knitting. Then there may have been the depressive/existential crisis stage when you ran out of things to do. And then, the real you came out. Ah, there you are. It turns out, when you’re stripped of a blazer and a hairbrush and any sort of social pressure, you’re kinda weird, right? Here are the dirty little quarantine secrets everyone’s keeping.


Watching TV from the toilet

Whether it was already set up in a way that made it easy or you had to do some serious maneuvering – like dragging a heavy TV stand across your living room floor and angling it towards your bathroom and then adding a mirror so you could see it – you’ve probably resorted to watching TV from the toilet. You’re not going to let a little bowel movement get in the way of you keeping up with “Tiny House Nation” – or whatever your guilty pleasure may be.

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