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I just have to say that it has been so nice to get a break from some of the ways men would harass me when the economy was open, I ran into men everywhere, and we weren’t forced to keep a six-foot distance aka they weren’t forced to stay away. I obviously want the economy to re-open, but, you know how there are special hours at the grocery store when only those ages 65 and older can shop? Maybe there should be certain hours at the gym, bars, coffee shops, the dog park, and so on when only women are allowed to attend. Aaah. That would be a peaceful existence.
I was on a group zoom call with some friends, and a couple folks had invited people I didn’t know. And one guy just started making these little comments about me–about me being cute and joking about wanting to take me out when this is all over. It was uncomfortable. It was in front of everyone and I was just trying to have a nice call with my friends. I got so aggravated, I got off the call. Then I realized: oh, my tolerance for harassment has plummeted because I’ve been lucky to stay away from these dudes for months now. And, to be clear, I shouldn’t have any tolerance for any type of harassment. But all women know that it’s so prevalent that we have to pick and choose what we get upset about. If we got upset about every incident, well, we’d be upset all day. 
Here are forms of harassment it’s been nice to escape during the quarantine.


Showing up at my work

Before my current job as a writer, I worked shifts between two different restaurants. And there were multiple guys who, once they realized where I worked, would show up all of the time and try to hit on me. I felt this pressure to be at least polite because they were technically customers, but it was so infuriating. I was just trying to make money and not be bothered. Now, there are no dudes showing up where I work–I’m at home!
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