Self-Destructive Habits A Quarantine Can Bring Out

May 13, 2020  |  
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self destructive behaviours

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To some degree, we’re all a little bit codependent. I don’t mean in the unhealthy, hyper-attached to one person kind of way, but rather in the sense that we need lots of human beings in our lives. People need people. We are social beings. We don’t just enjoy spending time with others—we require it for our emotional wellbeing. Friendship gives us a boost of happy chemicals, kind of like exercise does, and so it is a vital part of our mental health. There is also a bit of pressure that comes in a social setting, that can be good for us—pressure to go after goals, do things that are good for us, and behave a certain way, because we must show our behaviors and report them to others. We shouldn’t care too much what others think of us, but caring to some degree is what keeps us on track in life, and maintaining healthy patterns.

Right now, we don’t have each other. We have the handful of people we may be staying home with during COVID-19. And we can video chat whomever we want. We see our neighbors from a distance. But we don’t have that structure of making plans to see a good variety of people, up close and personal, and sometimes in large groups. That’s what socialization really means. It doesn’t mean talking to a friend you see on a tiny screen.

Since we have this important factor of socialization gone, we also have the important uplifting hormones and healthy social pressure that comes with it gone, too. As a result, you may some destructive habits come out. Here are self-destructive habits a quarantine can bring out.


Binge eating

With nobody around to see it happen, with nothing else to do, and with nowhere to be where you’d want to look your best, it’s very easy to allow binge eating to occur. If you already had disordered eating habits, like binging and purging, before the quarantine, the lack of daily structure and isolation could bring them out again.

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