15 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight In Quarantine

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what causes weight gain

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I know I’ve put on a few during this lockdown. I’m honestly afraid to put on my jeans, or, as my friend endearingly calls them “Hard pants.” Soft pants are your sweats and leggings and yoga pants, and then you have your hard pants, with their damn zippers and buttons and structure. We don’t like hard pants right now, do we? No, no. Because hard pants tell the truth. I can tell myself that I haven’t put on a pound all day long if I want to. But when I can’t button my hard pants, and I feel that my once-relaxed jeans are now feeling tight around the thigh area, I can no longer lie to myself. So I’m avoiding my hard pants for now.


The thing is that I don’t feel like I’m doing anything that differently in quarantine. It’s not like I’ve taken to ordering pizza three times a week or having pancake breakfasts every day. There have been no major changes to my diet, as far as I’m aware. But, it’s often not the major changes that get you so much as it is the many little changes. Those will sneak up on you. And then the number on the scale will creep up on you. And then you can’t fit into your hard pants!


The reality is that, when we are living our normal lives, getting drinks with friends, going to parties, going to an office, going to the gym, stopping by a coffee shop, taking our dog to the park, and things like that, there are systems in place that naturally help us stay a bit fitter. And now they’re taken from us, and we didn’t know how much we relied on them. Here are the reasons you’re gaining weight during the quarantine.

what causes weight gain

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Time for lengthy breakfasts

When you went into an office every day, you may have had time for nothing more than a breakfast bar that you ate in the car with a coffee on-the-go. Maybe you just grabbed a banana as you ran out the door. Or you didn’t eat breakfast at all. Now, you have time. You’re at home. So perhaps you’re making omelets and toast and sausage every morning.

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