Why COVID-19 Has Many Reconsidering Their Careers

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a career change

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I don’t want to admit it, but maybe the world is changing—not just on pause, but changing for good. COVID-19 may have done that to us. I would like to say that I’ve been humbled by this experience, but that’s too mild a way to put it. I feel like I had the sense smacked into me. Or the pride knocked out of me? It’s felt aggressive—hasn’t it? So many people were moving in one direction, and had been working hard to move in that direction for years when this virus hit. They’d built their lives around one job or one industry. They had plans. You know like those 5-year, 10-year, or 15-year plans people talk about. It used to be good to have those plans—those were the “responsible” people. Now, they might be the most damaged people. Where are those plans now? Something tells me that a pandemic that caused a nationwide economic shutdown wasn’t a part of them.


Now, people are asking themselves, “What is pandemic-proof?” Do they need to ask themselves that? Do we need to now plan and build our lives with the idea that we will always need to adjust for this virus? I don’t honestly know. Nobody does. I sure as hell hope not. I also know that, humans are extremely adaptable. Maybe one day, it won’t feel so weird to always wear a mask inside of businesses. Think of all of the things humankind has adapted to over the centuries. Change always feels weird at first, but eventually, it’s no longer seen as change—it’s just the way things are.


So, with the way things are, or might be, people are reconsidering their careers. Those already working are thinking of making a switch. Young individuals just entering the workforce or making a new game plan. Here are reasons COVID-19 has people rethinking their careers.

a career change

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Does my job involve travel?

While at one time, having a job that required travel seemed exciting and luxurious, now it can seem like a danger. If we live in a world where there is COVID-19 season every year, does anybody really want to have to go through airports and get on airplanes every month or week for their jobs? That seems like a surefire way to get sick.

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