Kandi Believes Nene’s Recent Therapy Admission Is Part Of Her “Damage Control Tour”

May 6, 2020  |  

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Well, this definitely escalated quickly.

As viewers anticipate part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s season 12 reunion slated to air on Sunday, the ladies with the peaches have continuously thrown pits at one another way after the reunion cameras shuttered.

In the latest round of mess, Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes are in disagreement after a reported blow up during the reunion’s taping. Nene claims she was forced to seek professional help directly after because she felt targeted and attacked by her co-stars. The reality star reportedly walked off camera during the taping as the women were quarantined in their respective homes.

In Kandi’s latest episode on her YouTube channel, the RHOA star broke down what transpired in front of the camera and behind the camera over the last season. From a new baby, to acting adventures and her continued focus on family, Kandi and the Burruss-Tucker plan endured a lot.

In a trailer for the reunion, Kandi and Nene are shown going toe to toe while they muse over the last year. Kandi decided to run back receipts showing the two’s past confrontations after a commentator said she was afraid to confront Nene.

“To be clear, I’m a Taurus woman. My birthday’s coming up soon. Typically we can be very calm, until we blow up on your a–. There was some crazy arguments during the reunion,” she said. “There has been one of us in the bunch, who has been going on and doing a whole press tour about the reunion, trying to tell everything that happened from their side before it happens. To me, I think it’s personally damage control,” she said.

“And yes I’m talking about Nene, I’m not even gonna tiptoe around it. She’s definitely been doing some damage control tour all around,” Kandi continued.

“I’m gonna talk more about it when the reunion comes on because I don’t wanna give away things that haven’t played out yet,” she said.

If you watched this season, tensions broiled between Nene and Kenya Moore, once Moore stepped foot into the fray between Nene and her former bff Cynthia Bailey. Moore later revealed that she held a beef with Nene after claiming Nene referred to her daughter Brooklyn as a “buffalo,” while she was in the last term of her pregnancy.

Things between Nene and the other ladies continued to come to a broil after Nene reconciled with good friend Porsha Williams. While Kandi somewhat stayed out the way of most of the drama, it seemed Nene pointed towards her in different interviews post season. So the stage was set that the two would head off at the reunion.

Kandi also said this reunion was particularly trying because she had to do her own glam and was the only RHOA cast member who was social distancing. She shared that some of her cast mates were a little tipsy which made things more rowdy.

“I promise you, at one point, Nene and I was cussing each other out so bad, and yelling at each other so hard, that Andy was trying to talk, and we would not let him talk. We were talking over him. They had to mute our microphones,” Kandi continued.

“Now I know that she has tried to already tell y’all that she had to leave, because now we got her seeing a counselor—I saw somewhere she said we got her seeing a counselor because she was so ganged up on, whatever. But when you listen to that bs, I want you to remember how she told the world she was ‘gonna read us,’ she was gonna ‘drag these b—–s,’ she was gonna ‘let these b—–s have it,’ oh ‘she the queen, oh ‘the b—–s.’ She called us all kind of b—–s before the show.”

“But then afterwards, ‘Oh they picked on me. Oh I had to stop because they picked on me. They were ganging up on me. Oh, I need counselling because they were ganging up on me,'” Kandi said while imitating Nene.

“Chile please!” she continued after running a clip of Nene saying people should be able to take what they dish.

“I feel like we got blamed for her leaving and I don’t think it was us and I’m just gonna say that,” Kandi said. She also said the argument between her and Nene was just a portion of what happens on the reunion.

The commentary begins at 9:08.

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