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supplies for a quarantine

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I understand that being told you have to stay inside can induce panic. I almost feel like I shouldn’t say the word panic because the act of saying it seems to trigger it for some. Should I also not say the word trigger? Damn people are sensitive right now! But, look, there has been some bizarre shopping going on. I think a lot of people believed that this would be the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse and we should grab everything we might want/need if we were going to never be allowed to buy another thing again. And if essential services were shut off.

As you can see, essential services have not been canceled. You can still go to your preferred grocery store and get your candy and your cucumber facemasks right next to your popcorn and wine. The apocalypse is not here. But that hasn’t stopped some folks from making some bizarre purchases, and just some unnecessary ones.

In terms of the things to which we have access, quarantine life is not that different from non-quarantine life. We can still order basically anything we want online, and pick up the essentials like food and prescriptions in person. I’m trying to do whatever I can to stop the panic buying here. A lot of people and companies are trying to stop it. You’ve seen Charmin’s new commercial assuring everybody that more toilet paper is on the way! I can’t help but wonder if the President personally called them and asked them to make that so people would stop clearing out shelves of TP, forcing others to wipe in unconventional ways. Anyways, along with mountains of toilet paper, here are supplies you don’t need during quarantine.



A thermal blanket

Your power will not be shut off due to COVID-19. I repeat: your power will not be shut off. The coronavirus doesn’t know how to break a circuit or cut a wire. The coronavirus does not know how to cancel your credit card so the payment to the power company doesn’t go through. You will still have a thermostat or space heater or whatever your method of heating is.


An advanced water filtration system

COVID-19 will not get into the water. And your water won’t be shut off. The world is not ending. We won’t lose access to essentials like water. If you live in a place where you’ve always felt drinking tap water was safe, then, with that in mind, you also don’t need to buy a basement-full of bottled water. And you don’t need some industrial filtration system that can turn pond water into drinking water.

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