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Continued from last week….

When I got back to the room, Andrew wasn’t there. I sat down on the bed and wiped the tears from my face. I wasn’t sure how we got to this point, but this man was clearly mad about something and wanted to hurt me. I looked at my phone to see if he’d at least messaged me that he went somewhere to blow off some steam and would be back…I got nothing.

I tried to lay down and go to bed because the next day was the first day of the festival, which meant my first day of actual work from sun up to sun down. It was 2:30 am. Andrew still hadn’t said anything or hit me up. I got up and went down to the pool area to see if he was there and he was. He spotted me coming and got up and walked away from me again. Andrew went inside the building and I followed him in.

“Don’t follow me. Just give me some space,” Andrew said with his back to me. He slipped inside of a random door. The door closed behind him and I considered going back to the room and putting all his stuff outside the door. But I went inside behind him. I walked into a huge, dark ballroom with tables and chairs stacked in one corner. I saw Andrew at the far end of the room, walking outside to the balcony. I followed him into the steamy heat.

“Andrew, what is going on?” I asked. I knew we had an argument, but he hurt my feelings, so why was he walking away from me like I did something to him? I could hear Andrew’s sister Andrea now, “Be careful. My brother is…”

Your brother is what girl? This?! This man who clearly has some issue with me, but refuses to talk to me about it and got me chasing him through hotel ballrooms at 3 in the morning?! I was completely over it, but I needed to know what was going on in my relationship right then in that very moment.

“Why won’t you just give me some time Danielle?” Andrew asked, he dipped back inside the building. He went to the farthest corner of the ballroom and I stood outside, not sure whether or not I had the energy for these dramatics.

When I went inside, Andrew was sitting with his back against a column. I slinked down beside him and tried to lay my head on his shoulder. He shrugged me off, “Danielle…”

The way he said my name sounded venomous. “What is going on?” I pleaded.

“It’s over man,” Andrew got up and disappeared into yet another mystery door. I didn’t follow him that time. I walked back up the room and promptly packed all of his things and placed them outside. The fury of Angela Bassett’s Bernadine pierced my heart. I couldn’t burn anything, so I ripped up the birthday card (it was also his birthday weekend) that I so eloquently described how and why I loved Andrew and sprinkled it on top of his things outside the door.

I tried to get some sleep but I didn’t doze off until about 2 hours before I needed to be up and out the door. My first appointment was to the makeup artist because I would be doing on-camera work most of the day. I checked my phone, nothing from Andrew. I went to the door and peeked out. His things were gone, including every last sprinkle of that birthday card. I tried to get ready for my day. I had about 30 minutes before I was officially too late to even make it work. Getting around anywhere in Nola during festival is a feat-and-a-half between heat and traffic.

As I was making my way out of the hotel and to my Uber, I spotted Andrew sitting on the steps. I messaged my Uber: Be right there! I went over and stood in front of Andrew. My heart flipped. Ugh, I thought I would be a lot more upset with him. “Can we talk babe?” He asked, looking up at me with those eyes.

I went to cancel my Uber on my phone, but my Uber cancelled me. I looked at the time. Even if I left at that very moment, I’d only have about 30 minutes for my makeup appointment and the artist was already squeezing me in. I also had an assignment to interview someone right at that time, so I called the makeup artist to cancel. I decided to do my own makeup so that Andrew and I could talk.

We went upstairs. Andrew stood in the doorway of the bathroom, watching me with his head rested against the door jam. “You look good babe,” he offered.

“Oh, I’m babe again?” I asked not even looking at him.

“Always,” Andrew looked down like someone stole his puppy.

“Andrew, what else do you have to say?” I asked.

He sighed, “I’m sorry for last night.” He paused.

“As you should be. What was that?” I asked, looking at him in the mirror.

“Do you accept my apology babe?” Andrew asked as he moved into the bathroom and sat on the sink.

“No I don’t accept because I don’t know what last night was about. What was it about?” I asked as I put the finishing touches on my beat.

“Honestly babe, I don’t know. Sometimes I just get these feelings and I just need to be left alone.”

I laughed, “So say that!”

“I did! You wouldn’t stop! So I said what I needed to, to get you to go away. You just wouldn’t stop following me and asking me what was going on and I didn’t know!” Andrew said as he stood in front of me.

I looked at my phone and it was beyond time for me to show up to my first interview. “I’ve got to go Andrew.”

“Right, well damn. OK. Can we finish this later?”

“Yeah, we can. I just don’t know when because I am working all day and going the festival concerts tonight,” I pushed past him and walked to the door. “Let’s go.” I wouldn’t let Andrew stay in the room. I was still pissed.

“I’m just going to hang out today. I’ve got my show tonight,” Andrew offered. “I hope you can make it. We can talk after that.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the conversation with Andrew. His actions the night before were dramatic and his explanation wasn’t really an explanation at all. I could either go to his show that night or go to the festival concerts.

Until next week, what’s your break up breaking point?

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