The Struggles Of Quarantining With A Teenager

May 1, 2020  |  
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quarantine teens

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If you are a parent quarantined at home with teenagers, my heart goes out to you. If you know such a parent, be very, very kind to them. Every parent is dealing with a hell storm of experiences that nobody should have to deal with. They’re suddenly homeschooling while either still working full time from home too, or dealing with the stress of having lost their job, and needing to look for new work. All the while, their kids are home, all of the time, so they have to try to conceal their stress over unemployment from their kids, so that they don’t worry. There are no breaks for date night with the spouse or a night out with friends. They can’t very well hire babysitters or drop the kids off with the grandparents right now. There’s no escape.


Now, imagine someone in that situation but with a teenager. Every single problem is amplified. Everything is made ten times harder. Remember being a teen? I recall mostly having terrible and difficult emotions. I remember being such a roller coaster of moods. I was impossible to please, always complained of boredom and too many chores, and felt that nobody understood what I was going through. And that was when times were good. Parenting a teen is so one of the hardest parts of raising kids. So you can only imagine the nightmare reality teens are living in now, being stuck in quarantine. And then, furthermore, the nightmare reality their parents are living in, because you know teens take their anger out on their parents.


It’s okay to admit it. It’s important to vent. You still love them. And this will pass – this is not who they permanently are. But really, here are reasons being quarantined with a teen is the worst.

quarantine teens

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Try waking them up now

Due to changing hormones, teens have a particularly difficult time waking up early for school. When they had to actually leave the home for school, they had some motivation to get up. But now, knowing that school will happen at home, and feeling like there’s no real schedule in the world anymore, they’re really giving you hell about getting up early.

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