Why I’ve Stopped Meditating During Quarantine

April 30, 2020  |  
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I know that my deeply spiritual friends might call me up in a panic after reading this. They’ve been pushing the meditation, journaling, and similar tools for self-discovery more than ever right now. And, they’re probably right. But I personally have almost entirely stopped meditating during the COVID-19 quarantine. I used to meditate every day, sometimes for to 45 minutes at a time. I do think it’s an amazing tool and has done me a lot of good under normal circumstances. And, for the record, normal circumstances have even included difficult times like breakups and job loss and a loss of a loved one. I don’t only meditate during good times.


This, however, is not a normal circumstance. And the tools that served me before aren’t necessarily what I need now. The psychological experiences I had before aren’t exactly what is best for me at this time.


I’ve always felt that meditation should be deeply personal, and not something you do because anyone pressures you to. You should do it because you feel it’s best for you, now. Or whenever you choose to do it. Sometimes, however, maybe you need to do something other than meditating. Sometimes, maybe it isn’t time to look inward, but rather outward and all around you. I’m not saying it’s the best idea and I’m not advising it to others, but I’ve had my relationship with meditating shift during this pandemic. Here are the reasons I’m not meditating right now.

meditation advice

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I don’t want to escape

Meditation is a form of escape. It is. I know we say we do it to be more present, and, in many ways, it can help us be more present. But, I do personally feel I do it as a form of mentally going elsewhere. And I kind of think that’s a cop-out right now. I feel a responsibility to stay mentally right here, sharp, and aware of what’s going on. Mentally escaping feels irresponsible and selfish in the face of all of those who have it so bad right now that they have no escape.

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