This 10-Course Bundle Will Help You Become the Bestselling Writer You Were Born to Be

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At this point, we’re probably speaking for everyone when we say it’s high time 2020 gave us a break already. There have been so many WTF moments so far we can’t even keep count anymore. This raggedy year already has us locked up at home for months not doing a damn thing, ruined a ton of plans, crushed some of our life goals to smithereens, and basically just gave a big middle finger to our hopes and dreams. But the good thing is as long as we’re still alive, we keep pushing anyway.

This is why you’ve got to keep your goals in mind, no matter what. And if those goals happen to involve you becoming the next big writer in the biz, then you should get your hands on this Creative Writing Course Bundle ASAP, which is now on sale on the MadameNoire shop. The insanely affordable bundle contains ten courses that will show you how to write about almost anything, so if you’re trying to get into travel blogging as soon as Ms Rona lets up, or you’re about to start working on a novel, or you even want to write a lil’ cute book for kids, this bundle was put together especially for you.

These are all the courses that come in the bundle:

Creative Writing Diploma Course (a $124.99 value)

We’ll tell you this one for free — creative writing is HARD WORK. But it doesn’t have to be the same for you. This course gives you daily access to 42 modules and assessment questions so you can improve your writing skills, figure out what writing style works for you and create bomb works of fiction. There’s also an added bonus: When you complete this course, you’re automatically given 150 CPD points, which shows that you got some quality training right here.

Travel Writing Business Diploma Course (a $163.75 value)

We’re not doing a lot of traveling these days, but don’t worry — you’re still going to be able to enjoy the thrill of catching flights eventually. And if you want to write professionally about those trips, then this travel writing course can help you with that. You’ll learn a lot about the business aspect of travel writing and how to travel like a writer in the biz. You’ll also get all the tea on what your potential audience is going to be looking out for and find out all the tools you need to get started, as well as how to get funding for your career. When you complete this course, you’ll be rewarded with a Certified Level 3 Diploma, as well as bragging rights in the world of travel writing.

Travel Blogging Diploma Course (a $163.75 value)

There’s also something in here for those who dream of cashing out by starting a travel blog. With 52 hands-on modules, you’ll learn all the basics of setting up a blog and hosting and building the blog with practical tips. This course will guide you on the importance of social media and you’ll get to explore the elements of design, discover the importance of SEO marketing, and much more. The best part? You’ll also be taught how to make money off your blog through ten easy steps.

Successful Self-Publishing Diploma Course (a $189.53 value)

It’s great to get published by one of the big names in the market, but we’ve all heard the stories about some of these guys who take complete creative control over many writers’ work and ditch them eventually. It’s wild out there, so you’ve gotta stay woke. Learn to successfully publish your work all by yourself and keep a large chunk of the royalties with this 33-module course. You’ll be carefully guided through the basic stuff involved in self-publishing, like production, printing methods, proofreading, distribution, and successfully getting your book into bookshops. You’ll also learn to carry on marketing your book after publishing and through to your second book like a boss.

Novel Writing Diploma Course (a $189.53 value)

Do you find yourself dreaming about that great novel you’re going to write, but then you sit in front of your computer for hours with zero new ideas, doing nothing but watching the cursor blink? This course is here to save your unmotivated a**. Not only will you be exposed to the technical aspects of writing a novel, you’ll also learn how to come up with amazing ideas that you can transform into the next Booker Prize-winning novel.

Freelance Writer Business Diploma Course (a $163.74 value)

Working from home has become our new reality, but if this experience has you feeling like you’re ready to make the jump from working within the confines of an office building to writing freelance, then this course is going to guide you on how to be successful at it.  This course will teach you so many things about blogging, novel writing, proofreading and copywriting along with many other writing methods. Honestly, it’s everything many freelance writers wished they had before they started their career.

Proofreading & Editing Diploma Course (a $163.74 value)

Proofreading is a big deal — you need to get into it with your eyes and mind on full alert, and it’s an exhausting job that can leave you so tiredt you could ignore some mistakes. This course gives you 150 hours of practical instruction and teaches you the techniques used to perform the role of a proofreader and editor like a pro, as well as important info on language and how to go about setting up your own business or offer proofreading and copy-editing services.

Freelance Journalism Diploma Course (a $163.74 value)

When you’ve hacked the writing part of freelancing, it’s time to find out how you can pursue a successful career in freelance journalism. Discover all the basics of journalism and find out what writing style works for you with this 29-module course, as well as guides on finding well-paying writing gigs and marketing your services to editors.

Calligraphy Diploma Course (a $163.74 value)

Do you miss the old, fine art of calligraphy, and wish to get into it now that you’ve got all this free time on your hands? This course is here to guide you through the basics and sharpen your skills in four of the most important classical calligraphy scripts. Find out the tools you’d need to become a boss calligrapher, learn how to get nice flourishes and those sexy thin and thick letter strokes, and discover how you can avoid common mistakes people make in calligraphy. Those cute little notes you leave around the house for bae are about to be even more perfect.

Writing Books for Children Diploma Course (a $163.75 value)

Want to write a classic story for kids but you found out that it’s a lot harder than you expected? Well, this course can help you with 43 modules on writing children’s books for kids of any age range, and it also provides tips on how to publish your book and make it the next bestseller.

And now, to the best part of this deal: The entire bundle was originally valued at $1650.26, but at a huge 98% discount, it can be all yours for $29.99. For such a little amount, you can come out feeling like the next Tayari Jones.


The Ultimate Creative Writing Course Bundle – $29.99

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