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is watching the news bad

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I didn’t even used to watch the news. We didn’t have cable before quarantine. My mom would call me, ask questions like, “Did you hear what happened in London today?” I’d say, “No…” and she’d shame me for not being more in-the-know on world events. “I have a life to live, mom!” I’d retort like an angsty teenager. We were both right. You shouldn’t let news consumption become so big that it is your life. But you also probably should know what’s going on in the world so you don’t accidentally do something stupid like complain on social media about how unlucky you are to have shrunk your favorite dress, when thousands just died in a bombing, and you didn’t know.
Right now, however, I risk being one of those who watches too much news. I think that’s true for many of us. We have this desperate need to know what’s happening. We feel like, at any second, there could be an update about the coronavirus that we must know about. We think that if we turn away for even an hour, we’ll miss a crucial piece of information that could change our lives. But, that’s barely true of the news, and when it is, you find out anyways through social media and friends. So don’t let your eyes get glued to the screen. It isn’t good for you. Here are signs you’re facing news burnout.


You can’t not watch it

You are officially addictive. You can’t look away. The idea of not watching the news for the day makes you anxious and sweaty.  You always feel drawn to it. You want it on in the background. The idea of not having access to it makes your skin feel hot.

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