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In times like these, we want to find the upside, the positive—the silver lining. It’s human nature to try and find something good in everything. When a friend or family member dies, we say things like “She lived a good life” or “She died doing what she loved.” I’ve even heard people saying, recently, of loved ones who passed just before the pandemic “At least he didn’t have to stick around to see this. I’m glad he didn’t have to know this terror.” We have to look for the positive—it’s generally the only way we know how to move forward.

So, like we always have, we are trying to find the upside of the COVID-19 pandemic. But something hasn’t sat well with me when people do this. Even I have the instinct to find the positive in it, but when that instinct comes up, I suppress it. It makes me sick to try to find something good in this. I think it’s because this is unfair. This shouldn’t have happened. We find the silver lining in things that are a part of life—pain that is, understandably, part of the cost of admission for living this thing called life. Like breakups and death by natural causes and job loss. But this pandemic doesn’t fall under the category of regular pain. Maybe there is no silver lining to this pandemic and that’s okay.


coronavirus usa

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With total devastation comes realization

I’ve heard this idea going around. We’ve lost so much. Loved ones. Jobs. Hope. Stability. Some talk about how it’s good because we will reconsider how we treat life. I don’t like that idea. If our crime was being under-appreciative for liberties like dining at restaurants and pursuing our dreams, I do nor think the death of thousands was a fitting punishment.

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