Dangerous Ideas Some Still Have About Coronavirus

April 10, 2020  |  
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coronavirus facts vs fiction

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The problem we face with any remedy is that, once it starts working, we think we no longer need it. You see it with people going off their medications because they “feel fine” and people skipping their chiropractic visits because “everything is back to normal!” They don’t realize it’s the medications and the chiropractor—or whatever their individual remedy was—that caused things to feel fine. And abandoning that can cause great harm.

That’s what’s happening with the social distancing and other precautionary measures surrounding COVID-19 right now. I fear that, because people are hearing about fewer individuals getting sick and things feel calm in their inner circle, that they believe they can loosen up on their precautionary measures. They don’t realize things seem better *because* we’ve been following the CDC’s orders and if we stop, the consequences could be dire. We know not to believe some myths now, but we’re still wanting to believe other lies.

I get it though. People are getting bored and lonely and looking for reasons to ease up on their quarantine rules. As a result of that, I’ve seen some pretty senseless logic popping up. I see friends breaking the rules, claiming to just bend them, and believing that’s okay. Or I hear them saying this virus isn’t that big a deal after all. People are getting too relaxed about COVID-19. But now is not the time to ease up on the rules: it’s time to double down. Here are senseless and dangerous ideas people still have about COVID-19.

coronavirus facts vs fiction

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We’re hanging with people who quarantined

I’ve heard of some friends inviting over friends to socialize, claiming “Well they’ve been quarantined for two weeks so they’re good and we’re good.” They can’t really be sure, though, that nobody in either of those groups went to the grocery store or touched a neighbor or picked up the virus somewhere. They haven’t been tested and may be spreading the virus through this one hangout.

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